The wind of misleading gossips has carried all the lies about Syria away

Today the level and magnitude of lying has increased dramatically. "The press has caught Mad Lie disease, marked by a loss of appetite for the truth and projectile regurgitation of anything fed to it" Too often the news media slants or covers up vital information to push a particular political or social agenda. Like here in Syria, let us see what did they say about the terrorists in Syria, they told us many lies  through their media," they are just civilians who want democracy and freedom, they have no arms, then many videos were published even on their media, about terrorists killing, kidnapping raping women, and training children to be terrorists!

  Lying is not just a tool for the media or politicians. In our daily lives, it is all too easy to lie. The Washington Times quoted philosophy and legal studies professor Peter Wenz as saying, "Most of us are not tempted to do the worst kinds of things, like murder, but are tempted to do less serious things that we know are wrong.... We tend to rationalize the behavior to make it seem right".... Shocking? Yes! but there is a price to be paid. Lying is dangerous business. One can't know what's going to befall you, once you engage in a lie, In a way, you lose control. Maybe it'll come back to haunt you.  It's difficult to keep up with lying. Often more lies have to be told to protect the first lie. and every lie has to fit the facts available to the person lied to. Then all the lies have to be remembered in every detail or else the liar risks being exposed for what he is. In 1808, Scottish poet Sir Walter Scott penned the now-famous words, "O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" .

I want you to read this story….

There once was a woman who did not like what a certain old and wise teacher would say to her. One day the old woman's words were more than she could bear. It was the truth, but it made her so angry that she really began to butt. She went everywhere telling lies and evil stories about her teacher. She tried very hard to turn people against her with her terrible talk and gossip, but the more she talked, the sadder she became. At last she was very unhappy, and began to feel sorry for all the lies she had told.

Finally in tears, the woman went to the teacher's home to ask her to forgive her. The old woman did not answer her for a long time. She seemed to be deep in thought. At last she said," yes I will forgive you, but first you must do something to me."

" What do you want me to do?" She asked, a little surprised,

" come with me up to the roof and I will show you, but first I need to get something from my room."

When the teacher returned from her room, she was carrying a big feather pillow under her arm. The woman was astonished and out of breath, they finally reached the top floor.

Suddenly, without saying anything the teacher ripped open the pillow and dumped all of the feathers out. The soft breeze blew, picked them up and carried the feathers everywhere. The teacher and the woman watched the feather flutter away for some time. At last the old teacher turned to the woman and said, " Now I want you to go and pick up all those feathers for me." " pick up all of those feathers?" she gasped. " But that is impossible."

" Yes I know ." said the teacher " those feathers are like your lies about me. What you have started you cannot stop, even if you are sorry, you may be able to tell a few people that you told lies about me, but the winds of gossip have carried your lies everywhere. You can blow out a match, but you cannot blow out the great forest fire that one match can start."

I am telling you this story, because that is exactly what happened to Syria, they( America, Qatar Turkey….) started to lie, and lie, until they betrayed some, or many people, just to destroy Syria, for the benefit of Israel, we have paid a lot from the innocent's blood, but at all costs everything is becoming clear and obvious now.

We are Syrians we do not give up, we do not quit before the victory, anything wonderful can happen in that little margin of time when we do not give up, but keep on believing. Strong faith will have many times  overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and handicaps.

Boutheina Al-nounou

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