'Tomorrow Belongs to Us' Project Hold Graduation Ceremony for 49 Young Media Trainees

Management of 'Tomorrow Belongs to Us' project has held graduation ceremony for youths who participated in media training course in the presence of Governor of Damascus, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ministers of Information and Higher Education, Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and several members of parliament and officials.

The ceremony, held recently in the Damascus Opera House, included a scene performed by journalism team working in a virtual television channel plus distribution of certificates among 49 youths, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper, published today.

 The paper quoted Damascus Governor Dr. Bisher al-Sabban as saying: "The number of students who joined the project reached up to 20.000 this year, compared to 400 ones in 2014. The students participated in different activities at 30 centers in Damascus and at 4 centers in Damascus countryside."

On his part, trainer Dr. Mohammad Abdul Hamid said that the graduation ceremony is a first step to prepare a new generation through the current generation living in the period of war and crisis.

The project, launched two years ago, seeks to make children familiar with fundamentals of media , according to the media committee's advisor Rain al-Mele'a.

The project [ Bukraelnasyria in Arabic language] was launched in an implementation of President Bashar al-Assad's speech: "Taking care of our Children is a guarantee for our people's future".

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Basma Qaddour