Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate Holds Celebration for Orphans in Damascus

The Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate in Damascus held Friday evening a charity celebration for orphans on the occasion of Christmas.

The celebration, held in the' Mona Lisa' Restaurant in Bab Touma district with the participation of 80 kids from orphanages, included entertainment program for children plus two speeches given by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rima al-Qadri and Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II.

 The minister said that children are the future of the homeland and the mainstay of rebuilding it,  calling for children to continue their study in order to build their homeland by science and knowledge. 

She referred to fruitful cooperation between government and civil community to create a better future for children." Today' celebrations of Christmas coincide with Syrian Arab army's victories over terrorists in Aleppo."

On his part, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II said the celebration aims to bring joy to children.

" After two days Eid al-Mawlid al-Nabawi [Prophet Mohammad's birthday] will come and after it the Christmas Day comes. These are festivals for Syrian people," he added, saluting Aleppo children for salvation from terrorism.

"We hope that the celebration of Christmas will be held in Aleppo this year. We pray for restoration of peace and security to Syria thanks to Syrian Arab army's victories and Syrian people's efforts " the patriarch said.

He asserted that the Syrian people are one family brought together by love and they must work together to rebuild the homeland.

Basma Qaddour