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First Lady Attends AAMAL's Festivity Marking International Day of Persons With Disabilities

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Under the patronage and in the presence of First Lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad,  AAMAL, the Syrian Organization of People with Disabilities, celebrated its 10th foundation anniversary vowing hard work to improve the situation of disability in Syria and to help people with special needs live normal integrated life and be effective in their society.

The event was held marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

"Over the past ten years, AAMAL provided services to more than 46 thousand disabled people, most of them were children, and 30 thousand of them got these services during the war years," Mrs. Asma said.

 She added that the organization also sponsored the academic education of more than 160 Master's students who graduated and became qualified to provide rehabilitation to people with special needs in different parts of Syria not only in AAMAL.

 Mrs. Asma pointed out that AAMAL's achievements during the past ten years were not easy to be made, because six years out of these ten years came during the brutal war on Syria.

"We are here to celebrate ten years of hopes being achieved. I'm sure that for you this  occasion is not only an opportunity to look backward and be happy with what has been achieved. It is also an opportunity to look forward to build on these successes and to draw up plans for a better future that witnesses more notable and deeper successes," Mrs. Asma said.

 "The war imposed on Syria is as ugly and terrible as all the wars. Pain is everywhere, but, despite pain and bad situation we continued learning, working and seeking development and we were able to shoulder the responsibility an face all challenges," she added.

She went on to say that during the ongoing terrorist war on Syria, many children, even whole families, were injured at homes, schools or workplaces and unfortunately they became disabled.

However, she added "the most noble of all are the wounded personnel of the Syrian army and its supporting forces. These wounded brave heroes went o defend our country though they knew they might lose part of their bodies or abilities".

Mrs. Asma pointed out that "as we confirm our commitment to our duty towards civilians with special needs we stress that our duty grows bigger towards the wounded army personnel , because their noble sacrifices can't be rewarded except through proving high sense of responsibility towards them."

On his part, Chairman of AAMAL's Board of Trustees,  Ali Turkmani, affirmed the organization’s determination to press ahead with efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities through working to qualify cadres, to establish centers that provide services and training and to issue and develop legislations necessary for this purpose.

Throughout 10 years, 26617 children, 2550 families, 168 students and 97 bodies specialized in disability affairs benefited from AAMAL services.

The festivity included also a ceremony to honor AAMAL graduates, a documentary about AAMAL's achievements in addition to artistic shows performed by children with disabilities.

Hamda Mustafa