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This is the Genuine Syria

To be a Syrian with a Mufti rank.... to speak in the name of the Syrians and to make each one of us feel that he is you and that you are speaking with his tongue. All of us felt that we are speaking there in Dublin.

The martyr's mother says: "I felt that I am the one who was speaking there".

The martyr's father says: "the Mufti says what I want to convey to the world".

The soldier in the battle says: "he's one of us. He is a real soldier".

 The citizen in the street says: "He is one of us, he speaks on our behalf". The official in his office claps proudly saying I wish I were there to learn from this great man.

When the Mufti says that the demolition of churches and mosques is easier than killing a young child shows us how our moderate Islam cares about what God creates.

He considers that all the work of man on earth is not equivalent to a bit of God's creation.

This sound that can manifest Syria and its people is the sound that we want to reach to the whole world to tell them about the people of Syria, their morals and principles and the common living of all the spectrum of the Syrian community.  

All of them are living in one big house which is Syria. They belong to a deep-rooted civilization and genuine heritage. They are fighting for one goal to achieve justice and peace. They want to prove that what have been said via the hectic campaigns of the hostile media during the last period of the so called "revolution of freedom", is but a fabrication, astray and falsifying of facts.

Amal Farhat Homs correspondent