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Raqqa’s Tribes Chiefs Reiterate Determination to Cleanse Syria from Terrorism

Sheikh Faisal al-Sebat, Member of the Syrian People Assembly (Parliament), Sheikh of Al-Ja’abat clan and a key figure of Al-Waldah Tribe said that his tribe has national stances against all occupation forces since the French Occupation and till today.

Sheikh Faisal said to the Syria Times Online that Daesh arrested, abused and killed dozens of his tribesmen because of their national supportive positions against terrorism and foreign interferences along with their  President Bashar Al-Assad and Syrian State.

“Our sons are serving in the Syrian Arab Army and hundreds of them joined the National Defense Forces in the governorates of Hassaka, Homs and Palmyra. Our tribe (Al-Ja’abat) offered to Syria dozens of martyrs, wounded and will scarify more and more till restoring  each meter of Syria from the terrorist groups,” Sheikh Faisal added.

“I am a Member of the People's Assembly and I call on the Syrian government to supply our tribesmen with arms to liberate the governorate of Raqqa and defend it from any forging occupier. My first and only demand is to return the Syrian state and government to the governorate of Raqqa and put an end of terrorism over whole of Syria,” he said.

“We as Arab tribes reject any Turkish intervention and occupation of our Syrian lands and any attempt to enter the governorate of Raqqa. We will resist the Turkish invasion and any foreign occupier against Raqqa and any Syrian city. We will fight any attempt from any local and foreign side to divide and split any part of Syria under the false pretext of federalism or self-administration,” Sheikh Faisal was quoted as saying to Syria Times.

Habib al-Basheer, a key figure from Al-Baitra Tribe expressed his tribesmen support for President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian Arab Army.

Mr. Habib said: “The vast majority of Raqqa’s residents discovered the real Daesh face and its fabric false calls. Today, the people of Raqqa are waiting any news of advancing of the Syrian Arab Army towards the province of Raqqa to save them from Daesh crimes and brutal deeds."

 Mr. Habib added: "The people of Raqqa are very patriots and belong to this land. They are suffering every day from Daesh savage crimes and harsh laws. Daesh says it is implementing the rules of Islam but Islam is a holy message from Allah to help people live in peace not amputation for different false pretexts such as blasphemy and enforcing people to pledge allegiance to Daesh by fear factor.”

“We are calling our national Syrian Arab Army to save the people of Raqqa and Syria from Daesh occupation,” Mr. Habib added to the Syria Times.

Mohammad Jamal al-Turki, Sheikh of Al-Sabkhah Tribes in the governorate of Raqqa said: “ We, tribal leaders and tribesmen of Al-Sabkha, welcomed the entering of the Syrian Arab Army to the governorate of Raqqa. We will be ready to fight alongside with our Syrian Arab Army to liberate our governorate from the terrorists of Daesh. The people of Raqqa are suffering from Daesh terrorist deeds and crimes. In my name and my tribesmen name, we call for on our Syrian Arab Army to liberate our governorate as to put an end of the occupation of Daesh of Raqqa and other Syrian lands.”

He added that his tribesmen are preparing to help and fight alongside with the Syrian Arab Army.

“We will not accept any foreign fighter to enter the governorate of Raqqa, neither Turkish nor American. We only welcome the soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army to enter our governorate of Raqqa,” Sheikh Mohammad Jamal al-Turki stated.


Interviewed by O. Al-Mohammad.