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Lost Hopes

 I woke up this morning very disappointed that all my private things had been disappeared. I used to listen to the angel voice of Fairouz every morning but when I switch on the radio today I didn't hear that sweet voice and enjoy the charming music which used to move me from reality to a world of dreams , I discovered that I didn't even dream last night .

I tried to switch on TV but there was no power, I couldn't even wash my face because there was no water. I went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee hoping that drinking my morning coffee will improve my mood but unfortunately there was no gas.

I dressed quickly and left the house heading to my job. I met scores of people waiting for the bus. I was surprised to see them frowning. I felt  that all of them were just like me . They didn't listen to Fairouz and couldn't wash their faces and drink their morning coffee. I couldn't find a single smile on any of their scowling faces.

Amid this crowd, I tried to phone my boss to tell him that I will be late but in vain, because my mobile phone was out of the coverage area.

I didn't know how long it took me to arrive at work. The time I stepped inside the hall I felt that I was a strange person  in a strange place . I felt that I don’t belong to this place and I didn't Know those people.

The noise of the colleagues, their laughs , their lovely talks and funny stories and all the beautiful things that I used to experience in this place have been vanished.

I decided to make a complaint about my dear stolen things; Fairouz sound, electricity, water, smile, life and all the lovely things that were confiscated from my life, but really I didn't know to whom shall I submit this complaint.

Amal Farhat