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Hiba Symbole of Children Dreams

The Syrian Center for the KidsRights held recently a press conference to nominate the Syrian child “ Hiba Al-Yaseen”  for Global Peace Prize for Children in 2016 with the participation of 120 candidates around the world .

Hiba wrote in her profile:  “ All children have dreams. To protect those dreams is essential – no matter what the circumstance may be “.

In September, Hiba’s request was accepted for participating in the competition as a candidate by the Syrian Center for KidsRights which supported her to earn the nomination and to pass all the difficulties she had faced as a child.

The results will be announced on 15 November and Hiba will qualify to represent Syrian children in Canada.

Hiba Al-Yaseen , the fourteen years old, had moved from her town to several areas inside Syria in one year, as mentioned in social media pages for kidsrights.

 Hiba, like many Syrian children, had suffered from the war that was launched against the Syrian people , the thing which deprived her from  going to school for a year, but she didn’t give up.

It’s worth mentioning that Hiba is a Syrian child from Idleb- kafrnobul which has been under siege by the terrorist groups for more than three years.

Hiba was displaced from her village by terrorists many times and finally she settled down in Jaramana where she continued her study.

Hiba participated in many activities in the Syrian Center for Kids rights besides her participation in a play defending children rights at Al-Hamra theatre.


The Hashtag of Hiba Al-Yaseen compaign is: