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National Meeting to Promote Local Reconciliation in Homs

To promote local reconciliation in Homs, the Arab Socialist Baath Party branch in Homs recently held a National Meeting in al-Mankoula village of Tal Kalakh area in the presence of a crowd of political, partisan and popular events of talkalakh district and its surroundings.

The national meeting was attended by Secretary of the Homs Baath party branch , the provincial police chief , deputy head of the reconciliation center in Homaimem, director of Homs Awqaf and security chiefs in Homs as well as a number of parliament members, religious leaders and heads of popular organizations and professional syndicates, and a crowd of the village residents.

Homs governor, Talal al-Barazi stressed during his participation at the national meeting, that the continuity of holding such national meetings with the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian society is but a genuine expression of all the national events to continue their role in maintaining the national unity, pointing to the constant principled stances of the Syrian wise leadership in responding valiantly to all the hatred schemes and plots.

He called on the Syrians to stand behind their steadfast army in its ongoing war against terrorism and praised the great sacrifices made by the righteous martyrs of Syria.

Ammar al-Sibai, Secretary of Homs Baath party branch said: " the meeting today is but a consecration to the national fabric that combines all the Syrians on love, noting that the continuity of holding these national meetings will support the stability assuring that the Syrians were and are still one strong family in the face of terrorism praising the efforts of all those who have contributed the meeting, particularly the Committee of social communication Homs

For his part, Colonel Andre Barre Putin, representative of the head of the Russian reconciliation center in Homaimem stressed the historical relations between the Russian Federation and the peoples of the Middle East as deeply civilized countries just like the Russian components of society, particularly in terms of the multiplicity of religions, beliefs and nationalities calling clerics to intensify their efforts in uniting all the Syrians in the face of terrorism, stressing that Russia will continue to provide all forms of support to Syria until achieving victory over the terrorist organizations.

Director of Talkalakh district, Mr. Mualla Al- Ali pointed out that today's meeting reflects the sincerity and loyalty of the Syrians to their army, leadership, land and unity, calling the Syrians to inspire from the doctrine of our military to achieve a great victory for Syria on terrorism, admiring the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, with the support of friends and the collocated forces in the face of the terrorist organizations on the entire Syrian territory.

Sheikh Essam al-Masri, director of Awqaf in Homs praised the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and the collocated forces against terrorism, stressing the role of the personalities of the areas and villages in promoting local reconciliation and supporting the victories of our army in the face of takfiri terrorism.

Zaheer Ghanem one of the village personalities pointed out that the village has provided, as the rest of the Syrian villages, convoys of martyrs for the sake of the home. Today’s meeting is but a serious step f or us all to forget all disagreements and begin the process of constructive and giving.

A number of clerics including Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Karim Imam of Debbin mosque and Mohsen al-Khouder, member of the social communication committee and Father Paul Moses, pastor of al- Khansa Church also called all Syrians to open a new page of construction against the destruction and love against hatred to build Syria the thought and the human noting the importance of strengthening the role of reconciliations in restoring the Syrian social National fabric as it was.

It is worth mentioning that al-Mankoula village is 45 km to the west of Homs. It is affiliated Hadidah Township in Tal Kalakh area.


Amal Farhat from al-Mankoula to the Syria times