Syrian Family Forum Association honors 25 families of martyrs

Five years after it held voluntary social works to support the families of wounded and martyred Syrian soldiers and the families affected by the terror war on Syria, the Syrian Family Forum Association was officially launched Saturday in the 'Dama Rose' hotel in Damascus.

The association will go ahead with supporting the families and children affected by the terrorism and it will attach great importance to rebuilding Syria, according to the Honorary President of the Association Sheikh Kamil Naser and the Chairwoman of the Board of the Directors Mrs. Ahed Sharefeh.

On her part, chairperson of the Committee of Supporting Woman in the Association Mrs. Diala Sawwaf said that it’s the duty of the Syrians to stand as a one family in confronting the destruction of social values.

She asserted that the Syrian government offers all possible facilities for the success of the association's work.

The association honored 25 families of martyrs during the ceremony held in the 'Dama Rose' hotel.

Over the past five years, many associations have been launched to alleviate the effects of the terror war on the Syrian people.

The foreign-backed terror war, which was started in 2011, against Syria has killed a lot of soldiers and civilians, displaced a lot of people from their homes and destroyed many historical sites.

This war has been waged by terrorist organizations backed by the U.S, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel in accordance with the US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Thousands of hundreds of terrorists from all over the world have come to fights in Syria, according to media reports.


Basma Qaddour