Mirvat Jamoul a Distinguished Example of the Challenge of Disability

SWEIDA, (ST)-Mervat Jamoul, a blind young girl from the Syrian city of Sweida, has challenged her disability and overcome difficulties to reach an advanced academic degree and become a distinguished successful person.

 Her disabilities, which occurred to her by a disease in the retina when she was 9 years old, did not prevent her from completing her education stages and get a university degree. Her strong will and hard work enabled her to get a PA degree in French language that helped her begin a new phase of her life amid the appreciation and admiration of many people in her society.

"I did not let my disability deprive me from completing my education. My love to knowledge and life helped me continue and excel in my study," Mirvat told SANA.

She chose to study French language at the Faculty of Letters in Damascus University and she graduated this year because of hard study, great effort and strong determination to challenge her blindness.

Young Mervat indicated that now she teaches French to a number of students and she is a teacher at Al-Wafa charity Association for the Disabled in Sweida city. Her wish is to continue her higher academic studies and obtain advanced scientific degrees.

Nada Haj Khedir