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'Mother Syria' Group holds its founding conference in Damascus

The 'Mother Syria' Group, which seeks to take part in rebuilding Syria and to achieve local reconciliations, has held its founding conference in Damascus, according to the official news agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted the group's head Dr. Mahmod al-Irq as saying –during the conference held yesterday in the Omayad Hotel in Damascus- that the current circumstances necessitate the foundation of groups as the individual work is fruitless.

Dr. al-Irq asserted the Syrian people's unity in confronting the plots that aim to destroy the homeland.


On her part, member of the group Mrs. Hind Radi said that the  'Mother Syria' wants to tell the whole world that the moderate opposition means a group of Syrians who works  in the homeland and rejects murder and destruction.

She underlined the need to combat corruption and to protect national principles.

The group aims to reach local reconciliation among all components  of society, help displaced persons, search for missing people,  rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorist organizations in the country and to preserve the unity of the Syrian territories, according to the statement released by the group.

The statement also stressed that the group will prepare a project on local challenges in political, social and economic fields  and will work with all Syrian people to build a political system that guarantee democratic competition between political parties.

Last May, several national opposition parties and figures in Damascus launched the internal Opposition Gathering.

Basma Qaddour