“Children of the Sun” Initiative to Support Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers’ Children

HOMS, (ST)- The National Union of Syrian Students recently launched a campaign entitled "Children of the Sun" in several cities including Homs to provide psychological support to the children of martyrs and wounded Syrian Army personnel.

The campaign includes several activities covering the domains of music, sports, drawing, handicrafts and computer courses, in addition to other activities including psychological support and courses to teach Arabic and foreign languages.

 Katia al-Hilu, a young volunteer, said that 250 young people are participating in this two month-event aiming at providing psychological help to martyrs and wounded army personnel’s children.

She added “we are trying to make children happy through presenting various artistic activities that will develop their skills, make them feel happy and help them benefit from their free time.”

Volunteer Hiba Abbas, talked about her participation in the campaign. She said she taught Arabic to the children, pointing out that “the children succeeded to interact with the lessons and expressed their need for educational support and their happiness about such initiatives.”

Israa Mikael , who along with other young volunteers, said she taught children how to make handicrafts. She stressed that her voluntary work has started since the beginning of events in Syria, but “this campaign is distinguished to me, because it aims at supporting the children of the heroes men who sacrificed their lives to keep Syria safe and strong.”

She noted that the participating children have promising talents that could produce highly creative people.


Nada Haj KHider