Expatriates New Campaign in Support of Homeland

BRUSSELS,(ST)-Under  the message  "I am a Syrian expatriate and I will help my people at home"  Syrian expatriates in Brussels launched a raise funding campaign to support the Syrians who were displaced by  armed terrorist groups  and opted to stay inside Syria.

The event came at the initiative of young Syrian expatriates in Brussels and the Belgian Rev Daniel Mays , who is the chief of Saint James Monetary in Qara city, to collect donations from members of the Syrian Community, several Lebanese donors and aids provided by Belgian churches.

On the objective of the initiative, initiative co-organizer Ali Ghandour said on behalf of   the Syrian Expatriates in Belgium:  "Our hearts are with our people  in Syria .. Your steadfastness  foiled the world conspiracy against Syria  . It is our duty, now,  to  compensate  just part of what  you have given. "

Ghandour added that the donation will be in the form of  clothes , food , stationery for schools, medicines and milk for children and will be sent to Syria by the Belgian Aid Foundation, in cooperation with Saint James Monastery and Rev. Daniel Mays.

He continued that the aid will be distributed in the city sports camp in Lattakia.

On future initiatives, Ghandour indicated that another initiative is underway dedicated  for martyrs children, who sacrificed their blood  for Syria 's unity and steadfastness.

 He commended the close cooperation between Syrian communities in Belgium, Holland and France to mobilize Syrian youths potentials in the  service of  their homeland Syria, noting that cooperation to this end will be expanded to include other Syrian communities abroad.


T. Fateh