Orthodox Church in Lattakia delivers food to Muslim fasters

Since the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan [Fasting month], Georgette and a group of women- from various religions and sects-have started to prepare food in the kitchen of the 'Barbara' church in Lattakia city for Ramadan fasters. 

The preparation of hundreds of meals for Ramadan fasters everyday in the church is an initiative launched by the Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East for Roman Orthodox in cooperation with local community in the city of Lattakia.

This initiative, whichis one of a lot of initiatives lunched in several provinces in Syria since the start of Ramadan month, aims to deliver meals to displaced persons in Lattakia plus the locals there, according to the Lebanese Assafir  newspaper.

The paper quoted one of the women who is working in the kitchen, Mrs. Katia Khasho, as saying that she is happy for working with her friends in the kitchen that serves Syrians.

Mrs. Khasho has lost her son during the war on Syria, but she exerts every possible effort to put smile on the faces of Syrians despite her pain.

The terror war on Syria has failed to damage the coexistence in the country.

"The Orthodox church is not only for Christians. It is for all Syrians…. We share the pain. What we are doing today is part of the co-existence culture," the Khoury George Hosh told the paper's correspondent Bilal Slitin.

He indicated that the Patriarch Gregory of Damascus was distributing bread among Muslims and Christians when Damascus was surrounded by the French colonialist.


Basma Qaddour