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Civil Syria Association holds 2nd workshop entitled 'women from my homeland’

The Civil Syria Association held Saturday the second workshop entitled 'Women from my homeland’ with the participation of 80 women from all Syrian provinces.

The participants discussed several issues related to the role of woman in politics, restoration of security and peace, law, education and art, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the participants agreed on forming women's groups working in political, social, economic and cultural fields to enhance woman's role in these fields.

The formation of a reconciliation committee and the call for holding Syrian-Syrian dialogue were also among the recommendations of the workshop held in Reda Said Hall in the Damascus University.

The Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, who was in the workshop, focused on the political committee's proposal to form a political bloc to make women aware of what is going on at the political level.

She suggested drawing up a plan in coordination with concerned parties to hold joint workshops in the presence of media outlets in order to make the associations' work more active.  

Chairperson of the Civil Syria's Association Dr. Roba Merzasaid that the workshop's recommendations are to be followed up in cooperation with ministries and concerned parties in order to enhance woman's role in all fields.

On his part, Head of the Board of the Directors of the association Tareq al-Ahmad underlined the importance of reaching active mechanism for partnership between the civil society [Non-Governmental Organizations] and state institutes.

War-affected women

While chairperson of the 'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Dr. Aysar Midani talked about the steadfastness of the Syrian people during the terror war being waged on the country.

The war-affected women, who lost their husbands, must be supported to take part in preserving Syria's unity and dignity, according to Dr. Ritta Said from the Syria Trust for Development.

On March 5, the Civil Syria's Association held the 1st workshop entitled 'women from my homeland'.


Basma Qaddour