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The Blooding Sea

Today is a different day in the sea coast cities. It is not like the other usual days.

In the past days everyone was waiting for the arrival of the martyrs’ convoys from the different regions of the homeland coming along with the banners of victory and liberation. But today the bodies of the martyrs were from here, from the convoys of waiting. The poor and good people who sent their sons to defend us and to be in peace.

Today's the news has a different face and the consolation has a different way .In the past, they used to receive dispatches of the fronts telling them about the news..

The news of their sons there on the war fronts and the course of fighting there. But now the dispatches are going out from here… from their homes to their sons on the fronts to tell them that they missed their victorious return, and they decided to go  to them before they come to them.

It is another game of fate, or it's a new beginning that unites our way? ....We're no longer waiting for the next victory; we are now making this victory with our blood.


Amal Farhat -from Homs to the Syria times