Syrian boy regains his sight thanks to 'Breeze of Hope' project

The Syrian boy, Kheder Ghazal, who lost his sight in a terror mortar fireon Talleh town in Lattakia countryside has regained his eyesight after he underwent a surgery comes within the charity works of the 'Breeze of Hope' project [Nasmet Amal project] launched by the Syrian businessman Mazen al-Tarazi.

The boy's story was narrated during the activity held Sunday in the Damascus Opera House under the title 'Syria's eyes' in the presence of the Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Bothaina Shaaban, the Republic's Grand Mufti Sheikh Badereddin Hasson, several ministers, clergymen, members of parliament and media figures.

The activity also included songs sung by the coral of the Schools of Martyrs' sons on childhood and patriotism.

"kheder has regained his sight thanks to the cooperation of the 'Breeze of Hope' team that helps hundreds of children in Syria," al-Tarizi told the al-Thawra newspaper.

He added that the activity focused on the story of Kheder in order to tell everyone that we can heal our wounds and help our homeland's people.

"We want to draw the attention of the Syrian expatriates to the importance of supporting the civil society during the attack on the country," the businessman concluded.

On her part, kheder's mother said that hope returned to her as her son regained his sight.

"Syria's children are strong and they love their homeland," the boy told the official news agency (SANA), stressing that he will continue his study at school.

To sum up, the will to live in Syria will achieve victory over death and will spread hope.


Basma Qaddour