New opposition front formed in Syria

A new opposition front that seeks to build a modern, democratic and secular state based on new constitution has been formed in Syria, according to the Damascus-based al-watan  newspaper.

The paper reported that opposition political forces, licensed parties, civil commissions, women's organizations and several members of the internal opposition delegation to Geneva talks formed on Saturday the 'Secular Democratic Front', which wants a semi-mixed parliamentary system in accordance with a new constitution.

The political program of the new front and its plan to end the crisis are based on forming a wide democratic national front, reaching rapprochements between opposition and government with internal and international guarantees and drawing up a new constitution by a temporary democratic national unity government.


The front includes the National Democratic Action Committee, the Syrian National Action Committee, the Development Party and the Democratic Party plus Nasserite, Marxist and Liberal political forces from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP).

On May 5th, national opposition forces, parties and dignitaries formed the 'internal opposition gathering' to unify the principles of the Syrian internal opposition in order to be a draft for the Syrian national charter.

Basma Qaddour