Outcry for Humanity

It is the grace and bestowal from God that we were born human beings. Humanity does not only mean to be human by birth but by innate nature too. It involves many traits like love, affection, compassion, forgiveness, philanthropy, mercy, altruism, respect, fraternity, non- bigotry, morality and justice. All holy books call for the same sublime and humane message which is love.

Whether you are Muslim or non Muslim, pauper or loaded, black or white, humanity remains the major and indivisible component of you character. Never let your doctrine, faith, tribe, beliefs, convictions and sect excoriate you from your humanity because we are all human beings living on the same planet breathing the same air and ultimately we are all mortal albeit the fact that we do not have the same horizon. We must let our humanity judge our personality.

Would not be much better to bury the hatchet and sweep our differences and hard feelings under the carpet and share life together for the welfare of humanity at large. The only path that all human beings share is death and the tragedy in life is not death but what dies inside man while he lives.

It is not our fault if we are born diverse, it is the will of the Creator, but it is our grave fault to have a tunnel vision, being divisive, losing sagacity, and singling out each other mistakes. It is not our job to judge each other and push others down on the assumption that by doing so we would elevate ourselves. We are not supposed to look down upon others unless we are extending a helping hand. Each and every one should be concerned in giving more than in taking because giving the highest form of immaculate expression of the human nature. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing about it. Our deeds are our arbiter.  Prophet Muhammad said: he whose deeds belittle him, his descent will not elevate him. Think about it…

Bloated egoism, cultism of money and materialism marred our humanity and had also blurred our vision from seeing the stark truth and significance of our existence on the globe.

Even when we live on a shoe string, we still can contribute to humanity without being engaged in any oblation. Smiling to the face of the wretched and uttering kind words are great deeds too, because intrinsically they can warm winter months. We must let our deeds speak volume of our constitution on the strength that others will believe what they see. Our life span is not measured by how many years we live, but what really counts is what we have done during those years. The criterion is very simple when you do to others as you would be done by. Therefore, we must renounce violence, desist from hatred and vendetta and change our paradigm and be grateful for the smallest grace since gratitude will lead to beatitude.

We all look forward to being catapulted to the upper firmament, but  reaching such ceiling and intended destination will make it incumbent upon us to think prudently enough to choose the right flight plan or our life will be in vain. The world we all long for is the world of science and progress, and indubitably it is a sure fire way to lead to peoples prosperity. 

Humanity is to go beyond oneself and serve mankind which correlates to   serving God too. Great and quintessential people serve humanity even after their death by leaving a living legacy like jean Henri Dunant who formulated the Red Cross Organization.

Humanity elevates our minds, hearts and spirits. It makes our lives richer and fuller. It also gives a profound spiritual satisfaction and makes us really and truly happy.

There is no greater happiness than the happiness that transcends our soul which reverberates through the happiness of others and sometimes medicine would not cure what happiness can`t.

Each and every one of us is the architect of his character and each architect will be judged by his work and performance. Let our mantra in life convey and disseminate a sacred message which inculcates the idea that if we can make humanity nutritional we can salvage the world. 


Mamoun Abdin