Terrorist Groups' Rape Crimes Force Many Syrian Families to Flee


WASHINGTON, (ST) - Women and girls in several Syrian areas are being exposed to rape by foreign–backed armed terrorist groups' members. Such crimes of sexual assault are being committed repeatedly, forcing many families to leave the homeland fleeing the inhuman practices of armed groups.

A report by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) revealed on Monday that "rape is the main reason behind the fleeing of many Syrian women and girls to neighboring countries," pointing out that the armed terrorist groups have been using rape crimes as a war means to pressure the people in areas under their control.

The U.S.-based Committee said that in the light of the assessments it made in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, it found that rape is the main reason for the fleeing of families from Syria.

The Committee added that it had provided information about crimes of kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing girls and women in Syria.

It expressed victims' fear of being exposed to revenge by the rapists themselves who threaten them of scandal if they filed a complaint against the attackers.

The foreign-backed armed terrorist groups have committed most horrible crimes under arm threat against the Syrians. It wasn't enough for the terrorists to steal people's properties, but persisted in the acts of killing everyone who resists them, mutilating dead bodies, burning houses and raping women and underage girls.

According to the Syrians, rape crimes have been the most painful terrorist act which uncovered the vindictive terrorism of armed groups and make it open to the public. However it led the Syrians to unite in their battle against the terrorists of al-Qaeda, NATO mercenaries and Sheikhs of the petrodollar.


H. Mustafa