Glimpsing of light emanates from the Blind Association

The volunteer work is one of the most noble qualities that characterize communities. As a concept, it is when the individual by passes his own self and his own requirements for the sake of the society's need.

It is the highest sense of responsibility and an important indicator of the individual's belonging to the group, and his willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of the community.


There is no doubt that there is a direct correlation between the size of volunteering in the community and the vitality and dynamism of this society, from this perspective we can say that the idea of creating voluntary associations has emerged to give an opportunity for the community to participate in the march of comprehensive development. So, all countries are working to provide all means and to facilitate all the ways, whether societal or legal to create these associations.

Blind civil Society in Lattakia is considered one of the important voluntary associations, which carries out a lot of volunteer work to serve its members, who are blind, in particular and to support the official efforts and the Syrian community in general by serving this category of the society.

In this regard, Rami Qudsi,Head of the society told us about the society's work mechanism and the most important activities carried out by this society which was founded in 2009..

Mr. Qudsi said:"all workers in this society are working on a voluntary basis due to our belief that our work is but a humanitarian exercise and social behavior practiced by the an individual on his own desire and hisown will without waiting for any financial returns in exchange for this work.

We do our best in helping blind to overcome all the obstacles that hinder their daily lives as well as carrying out multi-varied activities to raise the level of blind materially, morally, culturally, scientifically and socially.

 We receive several individual initiatives by good doers in an attempt to give a helping hand tothe families of unemployed blind peoplewho don’t not have breadwinnerby securing a nominal amount paid monthlyby some benefactors and traders.

On the other hand we are seeking to communicate with state officials to secure jobs for some blind people in thestate's various departments.

The society cooperates with the Red Crescent organization to secure food baskets and various in-kind assistance for all of its members.It also contribute to the costs of treatment, medication and medical tests, and even to the cost of operations according to its potentials".

Regarding the varied activities of the society, Qudsi stressed :"Our work is not confined to providing material assistance only, but it goes beyond that to include all activities that help to raise the cultural health and intellectual levels for its members.

The society are carrying out several educational activities in the field of literacy and teaching blind children Braille writing.

We are also carrying out a number of educational sessions for students of primary and secondary stages and ensuring them audio curriculum.

We are working on getting computers for each of the members and provide them with braille writing tools for free, and the white cane to help them walk..

We also hold courses to teach computer for the blind and other courses to teach them playing various musical instruments.

We have an orchestra of blind people that carried concerts at various events inside and outside the society. Preparation and training are now being conducted by the band for the artistic ceremony marking April festivals in in the House of Culture in Lattakia on the tenth of next April 

We must mention the various sports activities conducted by the society, where there is an idea to form a blind soccer goal team in addition to the other games played by the society members such as chess and dominoes".

"The goal of these activities and actions carried out by the society is to replace the stick used by the blind in science and knowledge that enables them to shoulder the responsibilities of life and overcome the problems they face in their community", Mr. Qudsi concluded.


Amal Farhat- from Lattakia to the Syria times