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Anas Joudeh: President Al-Assad is defending all Syrians and preserving the unity of the state institutions

Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders) speaks to the Syria Times.

The Syria Times continues field interviews with Syrian Opposition figures; Anas Joudeh, 40 year-old, lawyer formed recently the opposition Damascus –based Nation Building Movement (Syrian Nation Builders)

What is your vision as to put an end to the crisis in Syria?

We can put tracks of solutions. The political solution is to engage all political forces and groups, which believe in the political peaceful solution. We all should agree on a principle of no winner and no loser.

The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is the popular legitimate president of Syria and he is the one who is defending all Syrians and preserving the unity of the state institutions in the country. The Syrian Army is a national institution and we should keep and protect it more than any other governmental institution. If the Syrian Army is collapsed, then the Syrian state will collapse. We witnessed what happened in Iraq and Libya after their national armies were dissolved.

What is your Movement stance from the Russian support for the Syrian government?

The Syrian-Russian military cooperation is a necessity to cement the Syrian society and state against the terrorist regional and international war against Syria. Russia is dealing with Syria as a state to a state and the Russian support has no negative affects on the Syrian society.

The Syrian-Russian cooperation is perhaps in light of  the United States stance, because it leads an alliance against Daesh. The United States will not allow Turks and Saudis to wage a new war against Syria, which is getting support form Russia. The Saudi threats are only a war of words but we should take seriously the Turkey’s threats. Turkey is obsessed with its Muslim Brotherhood ideology and the Kurdish issue.

How do you evaluate the Syrian opposition groups in and outside the country?

The patriot works for his homeland’s interests wherever he is. There are national patriot opposition figures inside and outside the country. The political action is divided according to the programs and agendas not according to the geographical locations.

Today, there is an opposition which believes in the peaceful partnership political solution inside and outsides the country. And, there is another opposition which believes in ‘ knocking down the regime agenda’. According to these two different agendas, we can divide the opposition groups. The Syrian issue is internationalized but we, government and opposition, still have a room and should benefit form it to put an end to the crisis in Syria.

Can you tell our readers about you and formation of the Nation Building Movement?

I am a lawyer, graduated from Damascus University’s Faculty of Law in 2000 and practiced the law work till 2005, when I traveled to Italy to get a Masters Degree in the Commercial International Law. I returned to Damascus in mid of 2007 and started work in the domain of the foreign companies, which had deals with the Syrian government. I was engaged in the political action with the beginning of the crisis.

On January 9, 2015, I launched publicly the Nation Building Movement. Since then, we work publicly in Syria as an opposition Syria group.

What the Nation Building Movement’s goals?

Our Movement’s first target is to build a Syrian state and nation. We believe in keeping the Syrian State and reform it not as the others who call for finishing the Syrian State. If some one has a house and want to fix it not go to demolish it and build a new house. We believe in re-habilitating the house not demolishing it. The second target is to enhance democracy and more partnership among all Syrians in the political life. The third one is to deal with the crisis’s outcomes and results, such as merging the Syrian displaced in their new areas and encouraging the returning of Syrian refugees to their homeland. Also, we encourage moving from ceasefires and truces to a national reconciliation which incudes all Syrian citizens who will be loyal to their Syrian state.  


Interviewed by Obaida al-Mohammad