The film also depicted the role of the initiative in providing humanitarian aid to the displaced people in provinces of Damascus, Quneitra, Homs, Hama, Lattakia, Raqqa and Damascus countryside.

The initiative, which was founded in 2012, aims to enhance cooperation and coordination among the associations working in the initiative to set up charity, development, medical and educational projects and to boost the national development process.

It, in addition, offers financial, social and logistic services to the associations working in the initiative.

About 17.000 families benefit from the initiative, which includes 60 associations in Damascus and its countryside.

Head of the charity association in al-Nabek city in Damascus countryside Mohammad Tarbosh said that the project of 'We are living together' proved to the whole world that the Syrian people share pains, hopes and joys with each other.

"Some 30 women from the city of al-Nabek took part in the project through knitting wool," he added, indicating that the al-Nabek Association was founded in 1972.

Other wool clothing projects have been carried out the 'al-Wafaa'and the 'Tariq al-Khir' associations in Jdaydet Artouz and Der Ali areas outside Damascus.

On his part, Head of a charity association in Sehnaya area in Damascus countryside Monir Arabi declared that the association has started its work with the Ahl al-Sham initiative since three years ago and it seeks to help poor people, hold education courses, and honour mothers and outstanding persons and others. 

Minister of Social Affairs Rem Qadri attended the celebration and gave a speech during which she praised the initiative's activities.


Basma Qaddour