Bashar Al -Assad symbol of Syrian demographic and geographic unity

Omar Ose, a Syrian Kurd Member of the People Assembly (Parliament) and Chairman of the Reconciliation Committee in it. He is the president of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, an opposition group.  Omar Ose speaks to the Syria Times.

What are  your main positions about Syria and the ongoing?

The Syrian President Bashar Al -Assad is a symbol of the Syrian demographic and geographic unity. Without the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Syria is going to be another Somalia or Yugoslavia.

The Syrian Arab Army contains in its ranks all the Syrian ethnics and segments of society.

And no one in the world was expecting that the Syrian Arab Army would stand in fighting terrorism for five years. The steadfastness of the Army encouraged Russia to send its jetfighters to support the Army in its war against the terrorist groups and terrorism. The Syrian Kurds are supporting the Syrian government, Syrian Arab Army and Russian support. I am sure if the Syrian-Turkish borders are closed, the Syrian Arab Army will put an end of terrorism in few months.

What is the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds?

I announced the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds in March 2007,since then it is unlicensed political party. The Initiative has Syrian Kurds, Arab, Armenian and Christian members in it and from different Syrian provinces. It calls to emerge the Syrian Kurds in the political life and represent them in the People Assembly, Local Administration councils and Government.

It also calls to support the teaching of the Kurdish language in the Syrian governmental schools in the Kurd-majority areas for student who chose it. The Syrian government opened a section of Kurdish language in Damascus University’s Faculty of Letters.

The Initiative’s members welcomed the President Bashar Al Assad’s Decree No. 49 in 2012 to give the Syrian citizenship to thousands of Syrian Kurds who were living in Syria without having the Syrian Citizenship. According to this Decree, 105.000 Kurds got the citizenship and became Syrian citizens.  

What is your comment, as a national opposition figure, on the Expanded Opposition Meeting in Riyadh?

The Meeting of Riyadh is organized by the Saudis to prepare its opposition for the coming political process of the crisis in Syria. The meeting was attended by the Saudi-controlled opposition figures. It has no importance and I don’t pay attention to it.

How do evaluate the Syrian Kurd political groups?

There are about eighteen Syrian Kurdish political groups; about twelve groups joined the Syrian external opposition groups. The Kurdish Union Party (PYD) is the strongest and most popular Kurdish group and it has military armed groups YPK and YPJ. These armed groups are fighting the terrorist groups in northeast of Syria. The Syrian government supports these armed groups with weapons, ammunition, airstrikes and artillery support against Daesh and other terrorist groups along the Syrian-Turkish borders. The National Initiative for Syrian Kurds is the third choice among the all Kurdish parties. The members and me in the Initiative are supporting the Syrian government. The other Kurdish parties accuse us that we give Kurdish legitimacy to the Syrian government and we are proud of that.   

Can you tell our readers little about you and your Membership in the Syrian People's Assembly (Parliament)?

I was born in the city of Qamishly in the province of Hassaka, in 1958. I graduate from Damascus University’s Chemistry Faculty. I was a Kurd activist since then.

In May 2014, I was elected a Member in the Syrian People's Assembly (Parliament) and a Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee in it. The Committee was established for the first time in the current People Assembly and it has thirty members from the Syrian 14 governorates. The Committee’s members work to achieve national reconciliations, truces and on kidnapped citizens issues all over the country.  


Interviewed by Obaida al-Mohammad.