Self-defense units to be most powerful support for Syrian army

In just few months, thousands of Syrian young men and women have joined the self-defense units [self-protection units] to take part in defending the homeland and fighting against terrorism.

The young men and women undergo military training to carry out any mission entrusted to them to protect public and private properties in their areas and on frontlines.

The Tishreen newspaper reported Sunday that the 4th batch of self-defense units in Damascus countryside was graduated on Jan.9.2016 after a week-long training on combat skills.

It quoted an officer as saying that the units' members will be positioned at checkpoints in areas to which Syrian Arab army restored peace in order to prevent terrorists' infiltration into these areas.

Voluntary brigades

He unveiled that voluntary brigades will be formed in the southern, central and coastal regions.

On November, 13, 2015, the 1st batch of self-defense units in Damascus countryside was graduated. While the 1st batch of self-defense units in Daraa province was graduated yesterday, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The Agency said that 520 men were trained during the first session of the self-defensein Daraa province.

Some 700 more men were trained during the 2nd session completed in Quneitra province on December, 12, 2015, according to al-Thawra newspaper.

While in Sweida province, about 300 men completed their training on December, 23, 2015.

The Russian Sputnik news website reported in the same date [December, 23, 2015] that Syrians are joining new self-defense units created after the beginning of the Russian's aerial operations in Syria.

It quoted Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Salim as citing that the number of residents wishing to join the self-defense units grew greatly as a result of Russia's military operation against terrorist groups in Syria, and the intensification of strikes in recent days.

“The people's self-defense units are becoming the most powerful support for the Syrian army on the local level, “the governor asserted.


Basma Qaddour