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"Tomorrow belongs to us" project for Syrian gifted school children

Displacement circumstances have not prevented a ninth-grade student from joining the first Syrian Children club for cultural, social and sport activities in Damascus.

The family of the student, Mohammad al-Abyad, who are living in a shelter in al-Tadamon area south of Damascus, have only offered moral support to the 14-year old boy, while the club offered psychological support and training courses to him.

This boy was honoured during the celebration held Monday at the end of the first stage of the project called ' Tomorrow belongs to us' in Damascus governorate club where children song: "Tomorrow, our country will be rebuilt and we will be hand in hand."

The voice of the children was louder than that of mortars , which has hit the joy of the children over the past five years.

The Tishreen newspaper quoted the club's head Mohammad al-Sebaee as saying that Damascus governorate opened the club two years ago in cooperation with ministries of education, social affairs and information plus sport federation and other concerned parties.

"The club is a national project that aims to find and develop distinctive talents in all fields. It holds intensive training courses after class times," Sebaee said, adding that the number of participants in the club hit 10.000 boys and girls.

Of 10.000 children, 1074 ones were selected for the second stage of the project.

The project was launched in an implementation of President Bashar al-Assad's speech: "Taking care of our Children is a guarantee for our people's future".