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Syrian children's dreams

Syrian children's dreams have changed after the foreign-backed terror war on the country to be social and national.

One of the children told the Tishreen newspaper reporter that his dream is to return to his room and to his alley. "I want the war to end, this is my dream," the 10-year-old boy said, stressing his determination to continue his study in order to be a famous doctor to treat patients free of cost.

The dreams of Ibrahim is similar to that of his friend Samer, who hopes to live in peace and to switch on the light in his room.

Restoration of peace and return of displaced persons to their homes are the dreams of a lot of Syrian children.

On Saturday, a 9-year-old Syrian children Ghena Bo Hamdan conveyed a message of hope for her country by singing: "Give us our childhood, Give us peace" in the Voice Kids Arabia program.

She told the program's presenter that her older sister was playing in gardens and was living in peace before the nearly 5-year-old war on Syria.

Syrian children have been targeted by terrorist groups, including ISIS, in all areas in Syria.

Last month, ISIS fired mortars on a school in Der Ezzour city, killing at least 9 kids and wounding over 15 others.


Basma Qaddour