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Legitimate Dreams









To live a normal life without wounds ...... To wander the streets without going around the solace tents spread in the streets ...

To pass by  beautiful colored walls beside  those which are covered with the martyrs  pictures that are growing day after day ..... To go to school and to work without worry of returning  as a body in a box or scattered body parts gathered in a bag .... or in the best case losing a part or an eye.

 These are the simple dreams of al-Zahra neighborhood people. Five years, pain did not leave them for even one day ... Every day there is a story of death and a tale of pain...

Displacement,  killing and snipers planted everywhere threatening every one  walking  in the streets.









The Stage of individual murder and death ended to start the stage of the ugly collective death. Death under the rubble because of car bombs and improvised explosive devices.

Every street in the neighborhood is to witness the brutal destruction. Each family there has experienced deep distress and bitterness. There are families that have entirely vanished as a result of this unfair brutal death... How long they will wait ?... what is next?

Is this neighborhood will be doomed with death piece by piece. Its houses are destroyed one by another and  Its people are suffering the individual and collective death every day .

Talking about death in Homs and in this particular neighborhood does not mean anything new . It is the same catastrophic painful death .

Those who did not die on the fronts died treacherously by car bomb or an explosive belt targeting them near their homes or their shops.

Amal Farhat – Homs Correspondent