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'Our voices' initiative focuses on Syrian people with supernatural power

"Our Voices" is the title of an initiative organized Wednesday by the 'Martyr's Mother' Group and the voluntary 'Nosor Syria' Team in al-Assad Library in Damascus on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The initiative included a documentary film talks about 7 persons with special needs facing difficulties during study and work and focuses on ambitions and talents of those persons and their needs for support. 

The film, directed by al-Mohannad Kalthom , was produced by the Syrian General Commission of Radio and Television and it had the same title of the initiative 'our voices'.

 It shows the strength of Syrian people with special needs and their ability to steadfast and to raise their voices , according to the film's director.  

Head of the 'Martyr's Mother' Group Mrs. Janset Qazan said that the initiative aims to tell the community that determination defeats disability. "The people with special needs have continued their study and work despite the difficulties resulted from the terror war on Syria. So they deserve to be called people with 'supernatural power'".


The people with special needs in Syria see that disability is no longer related to disabled body but it is linked to mentality of those who perpetrate terrorist acts and crimes.

Speaking to reporters, Social Affairs Minister Rima al-Qaderi asserted the importance of consultation among civil institutes to draw up policies for dealing with the people with special needs, adding that the ministry is seeking to approve the 2016 plan in accordance with decrees that meet needs of those people.  

On his part, Head of the voluntary 'Nosor Syria' Team Amer Abo Hamed underscored the need to develop the talents of the people with special needs to be more active in society.

The activity was attended by Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi, Director-General of the Martyrs' Sons and daughters Schools Shahira Falloh,  Director-General of the General Commission of Radio and Television Ramez al-Terjman, Chairperson of Ahfad Ashtar Association Aysar Midani, famous actor Dorid Lahham and representatives of several civil institutes.

The PWDs  make up 10% of the Syria's population before 2011, according to the World Health Organization. But this statistic has changed after the crisis and the disability rate increased, especially among young men, whether they are civilian or military.

Basma Qaddour