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Opposition figure and founder of the Syrian National Youth Party interviewed by the Syria Times


What does the Syrian National Youth Party call for?

 I participated in different meetings and gatherings which  called for reform and change in the Syrian political and economic government structure. A number of Syrian figures and I gathered on ‘ Syria First’, ‘ Syrian chauvinist’ and ‘the Syrian national and secular identity’.

 The Syrian government issued the Law of Parties on August 3, 2011. According to the new law, I could gather 1000 members in seven Syrian governorates and apply to license the Syrian National Youth Party. I got the approval on April 15, 2012, since then the Party works legally in Syria and opened different offices. The Party logo is (Freedom, Justice and Building) and to liberate the Israeli occupied Golan and Turkish occupied Iskenderun. The Party has branches in Damascus, Rural Damascus, Lattakia, Tartous, Sweida, Al-Hassaka and Aleppo governorates.  

 What is your vision to put an end to the crisis in Syria and how?

 Our Party has a clear vision to end the crisis in Syria by supporting President Bashar Al-Assad because he is the national guarantee to bolster the new democratic life.

Our Party also supports the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces in their war against terrorism and terrorists. Our party has a military wing and there are hundreds of our party members fighting with the Syrian Army against the terrorist groups in Sweida and Damascus Countryside governorates.

 Our strategy is based on the national reconciliation and national dialogue over all Syrian cities and towns. Our party succeeded  in achieving a national reconciliation in the town of Hafer, northern Damascus and attracting eleven armed groups from the opposition side to fight together with the Syrian Arab Army. 

 How do you see the Russian support to the Syrian Arab Army in combating terrorism?

 Everyone carries arm against armless people and the governmental infrastructure is a terrorist. This is not an opposition. The Russian support came after an official demand from the Syrian legitimate government to the Russian government.

 The majority are supporting the Russian role in rooting out terrorism because the United States –led Coalition didn’t succeed  in fighting the terrorism.The Russian support will also speed up the political solution in Syria.  

 How you evaluate the Syrian internal and external oppositions?

 The Syrian internal opposition groups and parties are committed to the Syrian national principles, the unity of Syrian territory and people, preserving the Syrian state and its establishments, preserving the power of the Syrian Arab Army which represents all Syrians and the civil peace.

The external Syrian oppositions don’t believe in these principles and internationalized the Syrian crisis from the Arab League to the United Nation Security Council. The external oppositions live on foreign interference.

 Can you tell our readers little about Maher Morhej?

 I was born in Damascus city in 1976. After I graduated from Faculty of the Electric Engineering in Aleppo University, I established the Macca for Trading and Contracting. I participated in different investment conferences and wrote different articles in business and economic life.

 Interviewed by Obaida Al-Mohammad