Syrian abductees and detainees No.1 priority

The file of abductees and detainees has become number one on the priorities list of the national reconciliation process that goes hand in hand with the Syrian army's military operations against terrorist organizations nationwide. 

As many as 4000 abductees were released in 2014, a source at the national reconciliation committee in the People's Assembly [Parliament] told the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper last year.

The total number of abductees then was 10.000-15.000, according to Head of the National Reconciliation Committee, MP. Omar Ousi, who stressed that terrorist organizations killed hundreds of abductees.

However, this year the number of abductees that was documented in the State of Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs hit 5000.

Reconciliation Ministry and the Committee in the parliament exert every possible effort to release not only the abductees but also the detainees despite the obstacles that face this process.

New batches of detainees to be released each 10 days: MP. Ousi

Well over 240 detainees were released 12 days ago under a special amnesty, MP. Ousi said, affirming that the reconciliation committee has agreed with Justice Ministry to release new batches of detainees, who have not been involved in terror acts, each 10 days.

"The competent authorities are studying situations of thousands of detainees in order to release them in batches," He added. 

His remark was made on Tuesday following a meeting held between the national reconciliation committee in the Parliament and a popular delegation came from Soran city, which lies in the northern countryside of Hama, to discuss an initiative to regularize situations of wanted persons and detainees.

Actually, the discussion was transparent and the two sides exchanged viewpoints about the initiative in particular and the national reconciliation process in general.

MP. Ousi told the Syriatimes e-newspaper' s reporter, Basma Qaddour, that the foreign terrorists, who have come to Syria to damage its national unity and to sabotage it, have been the main obstacle to holding reconciliation talks.

He asserted that the Syrian people have started to get rid of those foreign terrorists after they realized the truth.

So, a lot of wanted people from several provinces in Syria have turned themselves in to the competent authorities for regularizing their situations.

Reconciliation deals in Aleppo imminent

"National reconciliation deals in Aleppo city will be announced in the weeks to come," MP. Ousi said, reiterating that 2015 will be the year of national reconciliations and settlements.

Reconciliation Minister Dr. Ali Haidar said that the reconciliation deal in al-Waer quarter in Homs city is ready and it will be followed by further reconciliation deals in al-Dar al-Kabira, Der Ma'ala and al-Ghanto towns as well as in al-Holeh and Talbeseh areas in the same province.

He told us that these local reconciliations pave the way for holding the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Damascus.

Dr. Haidar was speaking during a meeting held with the committee of national reconciliation in the parliament on Wednesday. 

"The most important thing for the success of the ongoing reconciliation talks is to have one reference for the people's initiatives in order to prevent exploiting the reconciliation process," the minister added.

He pointed out that the ministry has thousands of people's initiatives to be studied.

"Reconciliation process is the salvation of Syrians. There is no other choice," Dr. Haidar concluded.

Reported by: Basma Qaddour