Homs Old Clock Ticks Again

Homs is rising up again... Its old clock ticks the life resurrection of the old city and revives life in the hearts of hundreds of the city people who had gathered to witness their city symbol beating with life again.... Everyone stressed that the clock beats declare the return of all aspects life to the old city which has suffered a lot from terrorism and a serious beginning of building and construction process.


Marking the first anniversary of expelling terrorists and restoring peace and security to the city and honoring the martyrs who have fallen in defense of the city and thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, an official and popular festivity was held yesterday to celebrate the ticking again of the famous Homs Clock.

The Syria Times attended the celebration and met with a number of official and popular personalities.  

Homs Governor, Mr. Talal al- Barazi said: "Today we are celebrating one year after the Syrian Arab Army restored stability and security to the old neighborhoods of Homs. There is no doubt that time will not go backwards and we will not experience pain and sorrow again. This is the time of victory. Today, Homs people celebrates their victory over terrorism and restoring security and stability to all parts of the city as a result of their steadfastness and their standing by the Army in the face of terrorism."

 Head of the Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Homs, Mr. Sobhi Harb said: ""I seized the opportunity to congratulate our people and our army in Syria and in Homs. I would like to say that we are now, through our festival, sending a message to the whole world that Syria will not be defeated. Syria will triumph over all the tools of terrorism targeting its existence.

Sheikh Nawaf Trad, representative of the Homsi tribes delegation said:" we are here today to celebrate the ticking again of the famous Homs Clock which means for Homs people stability, security, coexistence and national unity".

"Returning life to this clock confirms that we will not surrender and we will keep working to make our city better than it was", Sheikh concluded.

Father, Michel Noman said:" we are here today to celebrate wonderful and great event. We are now experiencing a great joy to see people who transcend the wounds stressing that life and love are stronger than death and hate.

They assert that Syria is dear to them hoping that Syria will still, as it always was, a home for all. We hope that the beats of this clock, which is a great symbol of our country Homs, will announce new dawn for love, peace and salvation".

Awqaf Director Sheikh, Essam al-Masri said:" this event suggests to the whole world that Homs is still okay and this monument shows that Homs will be better than it was thanks to the sound co-existence and the good morals of its people. Homs with all of its spectrum will be one word and one heart to rebuild the city and make it better than it was in the past".

Amal Farhat- Homs Correspondent