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ESFS Marks Martyrs’ day in Brussels

BRUSSELS, (ST)_ On the occasion of Syrian Martyrs’ day, a delegation of the European Solidarity Front for Syria (ESFS) met on Tuesday with the honorable representative of the Syrian Arab Republic at the European Union in Brussels, Mrs. Khouzama Mustafa.

The ESFS delegation reiterated its support for the struggle of the Syrian people against international terrorism and honored the martyrs of the Syrian nation.

They affirmed that Ottomans are now calling themselves Turks but they are still butchering the Syrian people by applying their hostile and fanatic policies.

Flowers were offered to the Syrian representative and a banner was shown with the writing: 'The new Syria will be built with the blood and sacrifice of our martyrs'.

They honored every Syrian martyr and thank their families for their sacrifice for the Syrian homeland. The ESFS will stand by the Syrian people till victory is achieved!

The delegation was headed by Kris Janssen.


Ibrahim Zaaboub