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MP Fatmeh Khamis to ST: Turkish and Gulf regimes to be thrown into dustbin of history

Undoubtedly,the terrorist organizations operating in Syria are unable to make any gain during the ongoing war without full support from the Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and Jordanian regimes and from some western and regional intelligence agencies that have been involved in the war.

The terrorists' capture of northwestern city of Idlib on March 28th ,2015, was supported by the Turkish regime, which facilitated the flow of thousands of terrorists into Idlib city, for making political and military gain that comes within the plans of the US administration and Israel.

"It was not only the Turkish regime that supported the attack on Idlib city, but also the US and Israeli intelligence agencies ,"  the MP Fatmeh Khamis confirmed, clarifying that local sources told her that huge number of terrorists entered the city with support from Turkey.

The MP added that one of the purposes of recapturing the city of Idlib is to annex it to the usurped Liwa Iskanderun and to change Turkey's map in accordance with Sykes-Picot Accord (2).

While the other purpose is to show before the world that the so-called the 'moderate opposition', which is composed of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, is making gains on the ground.

'Wise decision'

"This is my own viewpoint and Idlib is my hometown," Mrs. Khamis told the Syriatimes’ reporters Basma Qaddour and Ibrahim Zaaboub. She described the re-assembling of Syrian army units in the southern side of Idlib city as a' wise decision'. "It is possible to recapture the city from the terrorists, while it is impossible to revive the dead."

The MP indicated that 1.000.000 persons were living in Idlib city. "About 500.000 of them were displaced persons, who fled terrorist acts in several nearby areas. But now most of them left the city after the terrorists entered it."

The Syrian foreign Ministry said in a letter sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on April 1, 2015 that Syrian army units evacuated over 30.000 persons, including 10.000 children from Idlib city so far.

"The terrorists are just controlling the stones in the city. They seized no weapons as army units emptied all arms caches there," Mrs. Khamis said, pointing out that the people who are living in the terrorists-held areas are against the terrorists organizations but they are not able to leave the areas for various reasons.

Syrian army to recapture Idlib city

The MP asserted that Idlib city has not fallen and it will never fall because it is the 'city of steadfastness and resistance' and it had fought the Ottoman and the French colonialism.

"I am sure that Syrian army will recapture the city from terrorists soon and it will shatter the terrorist organizations' dreams of implementing their plans," Mrs. Khamis said, stressing that terrorism supporters, mainly the Turkish and Gulf regimes, will be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Some media reports revealed that terrorist organizations plan to set up al-Nusra Front Emirate in Idlib city to make balance with the ISIS Emirate in Raqqa city.

These terrorist organizations have not understood yet that the decision of the Syrian leadership and people is to keep every part of Syria under their sovereignty, even if fighting lasts for a century.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour/ Ibrahim Zaaboub