MP Cathrine Deeb to ST: Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of whole world and it has offered a lot of martyrs

Over the past weeks, the self-proclaimed Islamic State also known as ISIS has escalated its attacks on several areas in the oil-rich north-eastern province of al-Hassaka, killing and wounding scores of innocent civilians.

The terror organization [ISIS] exploded on March, 20, 2015 two car bombs during the Kurdish new year festivities [Newroz] in al-Mufti quarter in Hassaka city, killing at least 37 persons and wounding 96 others.

While on February 23, 2015, the ISIS terrorists attacked several Assyrian villages on the outskirts of Tal Tamr area, which lies near Ra'as al-Ein city, in the western countryside of Hassaka and abducted 220 Assyrian Christians, who were reportedly taken to al-Shdadi city, which is the ISIS main stronghold in Hassaka countryside.

"Nearly 900 Assyrian families- 5000 persons- fled the villages during the attacks and they headed to Hassaka and Qameshli cities and to Lebanon," the Member of Parliament Mrs. Cathrine Deeb told the SyriaTimes’s reporter, Basma Qaddour.

She asserted that none of Assyrian Christians headed to Turkey during the terror attack on their villages because they are sure that Turkey is the resource of terrorism and it facilitates the flow of Takfiri terrorists into Syria to wreak havoc in it.

"Everyone knows well that the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes are the main supporters of all armed terrorist organizations, including the ISIS and its affiliates. These regimes implement the policy of their American and Israeli masters," the MP added.

The MP clarified that what is going on in the province of Hassaka is part of the conspiracy and the global war against Syria that aims at dividing the region into sectarian and ethnic cantons in order to serve the U.S. and Israeli interests in the region.

Media sources confirmed that the US-led coalition aircrafts, which were flying over the villages when the ISIS terrorists attacked the Assyrian Christians, did not strike them.

This proves that the coalition encouraged the ISIS to go ahead with its attack, which comes within a plot targeting Christians in the whole region in general and in Syria in particular.

On November 25, 2013, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry appealed to the United Nation Security Council to fulfill its role in preventing a plot that aims at making the Middle East region free of Christian community.

"Timid condemnation"

Mrs. Deeb described the United Nation Security Council's condemnation of the ISIS recent crimes against Assyrian Christians in Hassaka as 'not enough', indicating that the ISIS destroyed two churches in Tal Hurmez and Kebr Shameyeh towns during the attacks.

"The Churches' heads have called on the United Nations, Security Council and the US Administration to fulfill their duties in protecting the Christians living in the Levant, but they have done nothing .. They contented themselves with such timid condemnation of the attacks," she said.

Goals of ISIS attacks

From her viewpoint, the recent terror attacks also aimed at reducing the pressure on some areas controlled by the ISIS and they came after the failure of the terrorist organizations and their supporters to make gains in the southern and northwestern fronts.

However, some sources said that the main goal of the attacks on villages on the outskirts of Tal Tamr area was to open another way towards the Turkish border to facilitate the flow of weapons and mercenaries into Syria.

The MP pointed out that the current situation in the province of al-Hassaka is relatively stable because Syrian army, supported by national defense groups and the People's protection units, have cleansed most of the southern countryside of al-Hassaka and al-Qameshli cities from armed terrorist organizations.

The first terrorist attack on the province, which includes about 1700 towns and villages, was launched two years after the beginning of the crisis in the country, i.e. launched in 2013.

"The terrorists had been then surrounded in the southern countryside of the province and they failed to enter the cities of al-Hassaka, al-Qameshli and al-Malkeyeh," Mrs. Deeb confirmed.

She noted that the Syrian government has spared no effort to offer all necessary aid to Hassaka people. "Sometimes, the government and the Syrian Red Crescent sent aid via air because all roads were cut off by terrorist organizations."

The countries that support the terrorist organizations in Syria are responsible for the suffering of people in many areas.

"The only solution to the ongoing crisis is through drying up terrorism resources and halting all form of support to terrorist organizations as well as pursuing the countries that violate the UN resolutions," the MP said.

She called for supporting the Syrian Arab army to uproot terrorism and to restore stability and security to all areas nationwide.

Syria's destiny

"Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world and it has offered a lot of martyrs. It is Syria's destiny to be in the first frontline in fighting terrorists and Takfiries,” Mrs. Deeb said, asserting that Syria is among the countries that preserved its sovereignty and independence.

Syria's sovereignty, independence and civilization have been main targets in the ongoing terror war in Syria.

The foreign-backed terrorists organizations have systematically attacked dozens of archeological sites in all provinces, including al-Hassaka.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour