Why has Syrian woman been targeted in the ongoing terror war?

The Syrian woman has left a lasting imprint in the homeland's civilization, which roots  trace back to 10.000 years, and she has fought against colonialism and has played a pivotal role in building the homeland over the past decades.

Among the Syrian women who were recorded in history, General Nazek al-Abed, who fought along with Yousef al-Azmeh in Maysalon battle during the French occupation in 1920, and the leading Arab journalist Mari Ajami (1988-1965), who called the people for confronting the Ottoman occupation. 

A brief idea about these two women was given by Dr. Aysar al-Midan, Head of the 'Ahfad Ishtar' Institute , during a lecture she gave on "The Syrian woman's battle against colonialism for reconstruction' on Monday at Kafer Souseh Culture Center in Damascus.

land of peace

The lecturer reminded us of a letter in the Syrian literary heritage discovered in Ugarit that reads: "Smash your sword , hold your hoe and follow me to sow peace and love in the liver of earth, you are Syrian and Syria is the center of the earth".

She added that the Syrian woman, who has a glorious history and brings up the generation, has been systematically targeted during the four-year–old war on Syria and she was the main victim of the intellectual invasion.

The best evidences for this fact are the world and local reports that you can find when you write 'Syrian woman' in google search. You can notice that most of the search results talk about the suffering of Syrian woman during the ongoing crisis.     

Thousands of Syrian women have bid farewell to their sons, who were martyred for defending the homeland, and they have challenged the ongoing crisis through going out to support dependents and through contributing to the homeland's reconstruction and national reconciliation.

Add to that they have fought foreign-backed terrorist groups in the battlefields.

"The four-year-old crisis has increased the Syrian woman's burdens, But it never undermined her determinations to be active," Dr. al-Midani said, indicating that the number of women who are family breadwinners raised due to the absence of men for different reasons. 

Field study on demographic changes

Demographically speaking, there is an increment in the proportion of females against males in the country but the official statistics have not yet been published.  

Dean of the Higher Population Institute Dr. Akram al-Qash.told us that the official statistics will be published by the mid of this year.

"A field study is being carried out by the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and the Central Bureau of Statistics on demographic changes nationwide during the crisis," he added.

The last official statistics were published in 2011, but there are estimated statistics in 2012 in accordance with scientific methods.

The rise in maternal breadwinning and the problems that face woman at social and legal fields require urgent cooperation among the Syrian government and the NGOs to help women to support dependents and to take part in rebuilding the homeland in all sectors.

'Sinnaraty' business

Mrs. Samia al-Sayyed, IT Engineer, was among the audience members who attended the lecture to talk about her experience in setting up a small business for handicapped persons.

"Since 2011, we have set up a small business in which 50 persons took part. We held courses on emotional intelligence and human energy and on how to organize your time.. But now the number of participants in the business decreased to 15 due to current circumstances . We are making crochet works and we sell them through social media," Eng. Al-Sayyed  said.

She added that the workers in the project called 'Sinnaraty' [ Sinnara mean needle in Arabic] are breadwinners and they work at their homes.

Such small projects, which reflect Syrian woman's steadfastness and determination to  be active, are fruitful but they need support to be developed.

In conclusion, we echo quotations from the song performed by  the singer Nirmeen Shawqi before the beginning of the lecture. "My homeland, will I see you safe and comfortable, sound and honored. The youth will not get tired , their goal is your independence, or they die, we will never be slave to our enemies, we will restore our great glory, my homeland."   

Reported by : Basma Qaddour