We have to read this book

The Syrian General organization of book issued before a short period of time a book title " the Syrian tragedy, why the West erred", written by the French Orientalist : Frederic Pichon, and translated by Mr. Adnan Azzam.

This book is too important for two reasons: First: the writer is French, and we know that France was one of the countries that had tried to influence negatively and  aggressively in the Syrian crisis.

Second: because the writer revealed important facts exposing the French role in this crisis.

For example, the author explains the errors committed by the French government, when it withdrew diplomats who have significant experience in their field, and sent instead diplomats from the second or third grade, which  resulted in  grave political errors not in the interest of France.

In addition the writer criticizes the  role of the French president, Francois Hollande, who was turned into an employee working at the White House in Washington, and this employee receives orders from the USA President B,arack Obama, who tells him  to do this or not do it.  

The author also thinks that the Western countries made a mistake when they thought that what is happening in Syria is a popular ''revolution'', while the facts and the events have shown that what happened really was but a Western attempt to overthrow the Syrian Government, which was able to stand up to  the conspiracy, in which al-Qaeda affiliates of more than 80 countries participated. The Syrian Government has a large segment of the Syrian public who support it.

The Syrian regime means many things for a big number of people in Syria ,it means stability ,safety ,peaceful living among the different sectarians and religions in Syria.

The author of the book regrets   how Embassy of the State (Qatar) in Paris, the French capital,  became a crowded place which is full of French politicians and diplomats, and how  the birthday of the Qatari ambassador there became an  important occasion  for these politicians and diplomats, who satirically competed in a  race  to attend this occasion?!.

The mass medias in Western countries were not neutral during the Syrian crisis, and they behaved as other non-objective and biased Aab channels like  (Aljazeera) and (Alarabia), these two channels had  aired photos fabricated about the events in Syria,  and they had hidden the truth, so the citizens in Syria would have lost confidence

The author also expressed his surprise that a country like Qatar claims that it is keen on the freedom of citizens in Syria, while was still applying the sponsorship system with Arab investors arrivals, this system looks like, in the opinion of the writer, slavery system which had been dominated in the Middle Ages, as the Qatari citizen can take money of the investor( the new comer), or become a partner in the bulk of this money just because this investor belongs to a foreign state.

All the Syrian people have to read this important book which is depicting the realities of the conspiracy against Syria.


Dr. Jihad Taher Bakfalouni