Honoring War Wounded in Homs Countryside

In our war against terrorism targeting our lovely country during the past four years, we have received a lot of martyrs.

We used to receive our martyrs scattering roses and rice accompanying the funeral cortege until it reaches the village cemetery where we bid farewell to the body of the martyr and leave.

But the war has other victims who are always in front of our eyes. They are war-wounded who were injured in the battlefield defending their homeland.

Some of them have recovered and returned to complete their duty in defending the country whereas there are others who were infected with disabilities that prevent them from returning to work, so they remain in their home suffering silently. They find themselves in wheelchairs or on a crutch and some of them become bedridden unable to move out of bed.

State is doing its best to treat them and taking care of them during their sickness in hospitals but after getting out of the hospital, there must be somebody that takes upon himself the task to care for those injured and follows their health status in their homes.

Kareem Charity, is one of the civil associations in Homs that have established its private initiative to take care of those wounded heroes in addition to the other activities carried out by the Charity for the sake of the martyrs 's families.

This so-called "Healing the wounds" initiative is devised by one of the Syrian Arab Army heroes, Brigadier General Hassan Ahmed, who was supported by a large number of volunteers in the various medical, psychological, and physical specialties.

I accompanied them during their visit to some of the wounded in the villages of Talkalakh area in Homs province. I was really astonished for the great interest they had shown for the wounded and for the strong influence of their sincere feelings in the selves and hearts of the wounded and their families.

We moved from house to house. A lot of the people of these villages accompanied us despite the heavy rain and insisted to take part in the Association's endeavors and to be with those who came to comfort the wounds of their sons.

Brigadier General Hassan Ahmed, Founder of "Healing the wounds" team, said: "Our visit to the wounded in their homes represents the holy saying of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him; "the best thing is to comfort the brothers", so how it would be if those brothers are our wounded heroes who gave sacred blood for the sake of their country's pride and dignity".

"When we visited them, we expected to see wounded persons suffering illness and pain, but what we have seen was completely different. We have seen alive oak trees leaning in their homes exuding an aura of pride and dignity.

We came to strengthen and reinforce them but we discovered that we have got the high morale from them. They have given us great lessons in life, love and strong confidence in Syria's victory".

"Today we want to send a clear message via Syria Times, to those who speak English and do not know what is happening in our country Syria: these wounded heroes who gave their bodies, their limbs and organs to the land of Syria are but real heroes defending humanity as a whole..

We want you to be completely trust that Syria, which has created the alphabet of history and presented eight popes to the Holy See for Rome chair, is Syria itself, which will be presented to the whole world in the best form of sacrifice, redemption and giving".

Concerning the health services provided by the Association, Dr. Rakan Al-Gani, head of the health office in the Association, said: "This is our 81st visit to the wounded in Homs, the city and the countryside. we visit each wounded at home, where we study his health situation accurately and see the radiological photos and medical reports. If he needs physiotherapy we give him some instructions and sports movements for his limbs as well as an integrated nutrition program. But if there was something wrong in the treatment he has recently received, we evaluate the situation and do our best to treat him correctly. Many cases have been directed to the physical therapy departments in the city of Homs and to the physical therapy department at Al-Baath University".

Mr. Soulaiman Al-Mohammed, head of the provincial council, said:

"We used to accompany Kareem Association's family in the visits they make to the wounded heroes and try to help providing moral support to them. But we, in the provincial council, have our own activity in this area. The Provincial Council is about to issue the so-called "Wounded Fund". The financial and legal foundations of this fund are currently being setup. The Provincial Council has allocated a separate budget of 90 million Syrian pounds to the martyrs and missing".

Among those who came with the family of Kareem Association was a war casualty who defeated his disability and insist but to come and visit those who were wounded honorably in the battlefield just like him. He is Lt. Hassan Salameh, one of the Syrian Arab Army.

"Talking about his injury, Hassan said: "I was wounded twice when I was defending my country in Aleppo before I lose my leg in the third injury in Leiramon area as a result of artillery shells.

I am proud that I have planted my leg in the pure land of my country, and I'm sure it will bloom a very soon Syrian victory".

"My disability did not frustrate me. On the contrary, it has stimulated the powers and potentials inside myself. Thus I began to practice various kinds of sports, especially that I am a sports college graduate. I practice discus, shot-put and javelin. I also swim for six hours. Being a member of Kareem Charity is a source of pride and pleasure for me", Hassan concluded.

Amal Farhat