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Tal Kalakh National Hospital

Tal Kalakh National Hospital is one of the unique and important aspects of the outstanding development Syria has witnessed under the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad in all fields especially in health field. 

S.T visited the hospital and met with the director general of the hospital, Dr. Badie Naim Khader, who said: "It is one out of the fifteen EU loan-financed hospitals carried out in Syria. The hospital is designed and built according to the latest technology and equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and services to provide the best medical services free of charge to all citizens. The opening of the hospital was held under the patronage and support of H.E the President, Dr. Bashar al-Assad in    September 2005. The hospital was rehabilitated in 2013".

Talking about the hospital different specializations and the great services provided to resident patients and outpatients, Dr. Khader says:  "the hospital embraces several vital sections including the following: 

-Emergency section.

-Laboratory section which includes two departments: the central laboratory; making laboratory tests for resident patients and outpatients. In addition to the emergency laboratory;  carrying out emergency tests around the clock.

- Internal diseases section which includes chest Diseases, bacteremia diseases, digestive diseases and endocrinology and diabetes.  

-  Artificial kidney Department.

- Kids and Premature babies. This department consists of an emergency room and incubators room.

The hospital also has a central Pharmacy that dispenses medication for the resident patients in addition to the sterilization department which includes: the central sterilization department and the department of medical waste treatment.

- X-Ray and CT Unit.

- The general operations department which consists of three operation rooms is also among the most important sections in the hospital.

- Cardiac care and cardiovascular diseases section.

-Obstetrics and gynecological operations.

- Surgical ward and orthopedic surgery. This section contains ten rooms receiving patients coming from the general surgery rooms. It is one of the most crowded sections in the hospital as it includes the pre-operations consultation office and the external clinics. 

- Physical therapy department played a significant role during the critical circumstances our country has been experienced as it offered treatment for war injuries".

With respect to the employees of the hospital, Dr. Khader says:" some 60 doctors and 138 nurses, 72 technicians, 18 midwives and 40 administrative workers in addition to the maintenance staff and guards are working in the hospital."

"Concerning the areas that are served by the hospital in Tal kalkh region are: Sheen district and its countryside and Al-Nadarah valley's villages."

"The emergency section received 2843 patients in May 2014 whereas the external clinics received 2568 patients. Number of the surgical operations reached up to 354 during the same period".

Talking about the role of the hospital during the crisis, Dr. Khader says:" all the hospital cadres were working around the clock to help the injured military personnel and civilians, as well as to secure all the necessary services to the residents of the areas which were being served by the hospital.”

"On behalf of the hospital's medical and administrative team, I stress that we renew our pledge that we will spare no effort to be Syria's unknown soldiers who will safeguard it, irrespective of time and sacrifices, both in peace and war time," Dr. Khader concluded.

Amal Farhat- Homs,  Talkalakh