Narcotics are drug derivatives with multifarious effects. Some users tend to escape from an excruciating pain into a state of numbness taking a journey into a virtual world where they seek a refuge of serenity and psychological relief.

Some poets argue that the hazardous effect of spirits is much less than the impact of drugs which in most cases make death a commodity. This concern over the use of opium prompted the international community to dedicate June 26th as a day against drugs to be a stimulus in alerting the world against the lethal effects triggered by drugs and drug trafficking which have become pandemic.

Putting drug trafficking under scrutiny will bombshell the reality that this business is booming and it drew lots of promotions and addictions. Drugs Mafia amass million of dollars while addicts fall into a swamp of delirium to come to a belated conclusion they should have reached earlier.

Frequent users will have the conviction which shows an interdependent relation between morbidity and addiction where death becomes a sure-fire path of drug addiction not to mention the side effects on the neurological system.

Since time immemorial man has come to know the use poppy seeds in alleviating pain and used drugs for recreational purposes. But the use of drugs blew out to become a pretext for seeking an exit from life hardships.

The use and promotion of drugs wildly grew among teenagers where drug dealers lured the youth to take the first and second shots freely as a bait to make them an easy prey.

The gravity of the situation grasped a wide scope of attention and an international cooperation to lay down monitoring procedures to curb usage. The first pact on the prevention of drugs was inked in Hague on 22.2.1912. Following the second world war, the UN called on the world nations to hold an international conference in Geneva against narcotics which ensued  two pacts; on 11.02.1925 and 19.02 1925.

 One of the most important agreements was made in 1961 which stipulated that over 90 drugs were barred from dealing, growing, producing or dispensing except for what the law provides.

 The international community repeatedly called on the secretary general of the UN to assist in launching a campaign to combat this loathsome epidemic where representatives from 128 countries participated and   June the 26th was set to be an international day against drugs.

We all know that drugs cause the loss of consciousness leading to coma and eventual death as much as we know that drugs in all forms wreak societies and disintegrate them. Therefore, in concert with the international laws, efforts were made to combat this plague where Syria had an outspoken role and participation in this respect.

In sync with the promulgation of the anti-drug law, a treatment center was inaugurated to rehab drug addicts in accordance with the most advanced procedures because drug addicts need due care and attention.  Addicts undergo a gradual weaning period to help them kick the habit whereas all their personal details are shrouded in secrecy. On the psychological level, addicts are well cared for to assist them in reintegrating into society efficiently where the prescribed rehabilitation period could extend up two weeks.

Upon admission to the treatment center, the addict should quit drugs altogether where he will be administered sedatives without inducing any complications to help him rebalance and get rid of the stuff.

      It is axiomatic to say that people acquire habits from the social milieu they live in because one of the prime reasons for addiction is vagueness.  Addicts deserve our undivided care and attention because they simply suffer from morbid and psychological problems and therefore, should not be seen as socially outcast.

 Some addicts believe that taking a vacation from their senses will make them live in multiple nirvana, bliss, health, eloquence and intrepidity but to their consternation, they will only reap poverty, sickness, failure and dementia.

Beyond any doubt, addiction is a serial killer of our present and future, but it is imperative upon us all to take care of our children because it is a wildly important assignment for the family, school, mosque, church, educational and media institutions.    

Firas Taleb

E.T Mamoun Abdin