Syria: the eternal name

This day is the most important day in his life because it is his lovely girl birth day ;so he seems very confused, but at the same time he seems very happy.

I should choose too kind present which can explain how much I respect this girl whom I cannot find suitable words to describe.

Sometimes I ask myself what does she mean to me, and I do not wait for a long time because the answer comes immediately; she means everything to me, she is the shore of my life sea, she is the most expensive pearl on this shore and in this sea.

Now he is speaking with himself: I will carry beautiful flowers as an expression of love and faith, but here is the real problem because I do not know which color she prefers.

He remembered that one day his wise father had told him to keep this information by heart: red color is the symbol of freedom, yellow is the symbol of jealousy, green is the symbol of spring , white is the symbol of purity, so he should gather all these colors in one present.

His emotion for his first and last love in his life was too big so he bought the Syrian flag with its wonder colors : red, white, black and the two green stars in the middle.

He knocked on the door, and when his old and new love opened it he said to her : I wanted to visit you in this nice day, the day of independence to see your smile which will remain my sun giving its lights to everybody in our homeland.

When he returned at home his mother asked him,  of course  she knew that he was meeting his most wonderful song in the world:

My son can you tell me what is the name of this girl?

He said to his mother: you know as all the people know her famous name, she is Syria.

What does she mean to me? She is my past, my present ,and my future.

I was born to live with her and for her, and she was born to live with me and for me.

I like every letter in this eternal name Syria.

Dr Jihad Taher Bakfalouni