Displaced Syrian family: Our House Ransacked, Stolen and Burnt by Armed Terrorist Groups

Just because they support the security and stability of their homeland, refuse to participate in strikes,  refuse to join the conspiracy against their country, many Syrian families were executed and many others were displaced from their homes by armed terrorist groups who have been terrorizing the Syrian people for more than a year and a half in different parts of the Syria.

"We left our home in "al-Tadamun" district three months ago fearing daily threats by armed groups calling themselves "Free Army". They used to terrorize the peaceful people of the district urging them to join what they called "revolution" or be slaughtered," Samiha, a 39 years old housewife told the Syria Times.

The armed groups have ransacked houses, stole everything possible, kidnapped and brutally killed innocent people simply  because they support their President, she added.

Samiha, who is now staying at her parents' house with her husband and her three kids, said "a week after our departure, our neighbor Abou Khaled, a good man fromDaraa, phoned my husband telling him that some of the armed groups’ members had occupied our home and stayed in it. I was terribly shocked, but at the same time I thanked God that my family was safe.”
"A week ago and after the Syrian army forces had entered the district to clean it from terrorists, we had the opportunity to go home. There was the horrible scene, the house was stolen, completely sabotaged and burnt by the armed terrorist groups before they fled the area. That moment I broke into tears as it was a disaster to my family, because, as you know, it is difficult within the current circumstances to buy a new house." 

 Samiha's husband, Amjad, 45, works as chef in one of Damascus big restaurants and has heart problems, said: "the house is all what I have. It is a big loss. I hired an apartment at 8.000 (SYP) which is too much for my income. Besides, my work has been badly affected by the country's events and I'm struggling now to keep my job."     

Samiha described herself as “lucky”, because she found a place to stay in, but felt so sad for other displaced families who lost their homes and couldn't find a shelter except in schools or mosques and for the families who lost their loved ones. 

When asked whether the crisis has affected her morals, she answered: "On the contrary,  the crisis has deepened our love to our country and strengthened our adherence to preserving its unity and to foil the conspiracy against Syria."

"I still feel optimistic, it is true that we lost our house but we are still alive and can start again." Samiha said.

Samiha’s story is only a simple example, many families were forced to leave their homes after their areas were ransacked by terrorists. Some rented small apartments or even rooms, and others simply just don’t have enough cash to rent a good house, and they only depend on schools, gardens, and on aid offered by governmental, non government organizations and local charities.

Hamda Mustafa