The power of Passion Change

We talk a lot about the power of military , economic, political and abut other powers of change that control life, affecting people and society alike.

However, we rarely talk about the power of passion’s change which plays critical role in the life of people more than- as I think- all previous powers. If passion is sincere and real, it will be stronger than money, arms and politics in the history of human beings.

To illustrate, I will narrate a story of a man and a woman which strongly indicates that the power of passion’s change could improve the conditions of a man or a woman. The hero of our story is a young and successful physician. During his career he fell in love with a girl, and got married to her and had a child. Afterwards, the young physician was obliged to leave the country looking for a hi-tech medical center that could deal with his sudden grave sickness. During his long stay abroad, his wife asked him to divorce her; he was shocked.

After recovery, he relentlessly tried to reunite with her, but she refused as she told him that she was in love with another person.  Hence, he understood her behavior wishing her a good life. He said to himself that his wife was sincere and didn't want to cheat him, so he accepted this situation.

The power of love soon came when he fell in love with another woman of a bad reputation. Challenging his family, he married her confirming that love is bigger than anything else.

Here the power and amazing ability of love became clear through the ability of the physician to endure all of the gossip about his marriage of the second woman, as well as through  the new look and good image of his second wife as a civilized educated person, who, because of real love, did  succeed to lead her public life positively.

So, we can say that the sincere and honest love has the power to change a person from a devil, if to say,  to an angel!

Raghda  Sawas