Happy new year 2014

I want everyone to be happy this year, please my God it is enough, yes it is enough.

Just because my eyes do not show tears, doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry, oh it is bleeding. Just because I come out strong, doesn't mean there is nothing wrong, I choose to pretend that I am happy, to encourage the people around me, may be some people do not understand the silence between my words, they do not understand the sadness behind my smile, and the unsaid feeling of mine.

They think I am fine, they don't know that daily I am dying, for my country has been suffering at the hands of al-Qaeda affiliates, for the children, women, old people in the tent, and for the martyrs.

I want to be happy again, I want to see my country safe, I want to live those moments again, I am sick of wearing false smile, I want everybody to smile again, to live in our country cheerfully, helpfully, hopefully, peacefully, by remembering our national heroes, our soldiers, who died to defend our lovely country.

I wish there was antibiotic for curing heartbreak, I wish there was magical switch, that we could press to erase all the memories we lived as Syrians, they say that time heals all wounds, but I don't think that we will be able to ever forget the heartbreak, and the heartache, that the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, US caused us, I challenge time to shower its miracle on us, after suffering years of pain.

Happy New Year, everyone. And a special Happy New Year's hug to our soldiers, your sparkling spirit tells me that 2014 is going to be a wonderful year.

Please God guide us through the events that are to come, and give us courage to face the future with faith, help us not to lose sight of the happy ending, and to look forward to that time when peace shall reign on earth.

Happy new year Syria, happy new year real Syrians.

Butheina Al-Nounou