"Caricature ... the art of society in drawing reality"

The Arab Cultural Center in "Abu Rummaneh" hosted yesterday a symposium entitled "Caricature ... the art of society in drawing reality" with the participation of  the caricaturist Abdel Hadi al- Shamaa and journalist and critic Saad Al Qasim.

 Participants in the symposium asserted that the art of caricature, which has been an essential type of art that deals with particular social or political issues in a critical way, has declined.

Promoting volunteering for children and raising their rights in a community initiative in Homs

HOMS, (ST)_ More than 70 children who came from different neighborhoods of  Homs  came  with their families  to participate in  "Our children are the change" initiative . This event was held in Al-Waleed suburb's garden of Homs a few days ago to support the right of children in education. Within the activities of this important initiative,  a number of  children participated in various activities such as drawing, planting trees, singing, theater and reading stories. 

Al-Attarin Market (herbalists market) in Qamishli .. A destination for locals to buy spices, herbs and vegetable oils

The Attarin market in the city of Al-Qamishli is an essential destination for the people to buy what they need of perfumery, spices and some agricultural and animal products.

The market in the center of the city between the goldsmiths and cloth markets is characterized by its shops consisting of old mud buildings that extend on a single pattern, which are matched by shops located in the same way where the movement of pedestrians does not stop back and forth.

An Argentinean family shows admiration for the ancient cultural city of Palmyra

An Argentinean family who visited the historic city of Palmyra showed great admiration and overwhelming happiness at witnessing the city's history, its architecture and great cultural heritage, expressing dissatisfaction at the  devastation that targeted the most prominent monuments due to the terrorist attacks of ISIS organization.

The  father, Rafael Somini, a retired university professor, explained that the calm that he and his family felt in Palmyra and the safety they felt allowed them to roam the vast and amazing archaeological area, indicating that factor would enhance reviving  tourism  in this internationally known city.

Tailor sews Traditional garment for fifty years in Qamishli

Al-Hasaka, (ST) - Over the past fifty years, the tailor, Muhammad Ali Ahmed Ali (Abu Fikret), has worked in the traditional dress industry in the city of Al-Qamishli in Hasaka, and has excelled in designing the clothes that depend on machine embroidery and manual effort. He creates distinctive quality work that attracts people from inside and outside the governorate.

Ahmed Ali has learned the profession of sewing since he was young, despite the patience and accuracy that this profession needs. He became famous for his shop in the Kayseri Market which specializes in selling raw fabrics to manufacture most types of traditional dress.

What are the impacts of “Our Lira is Our Pride” initiative on Syrian people?

To be honest, “Our Lira is Our Pride” initiative which has been launched by activists and merchants via Facebook pages to sell staple diet products and various items with 1 or 10 or 100 Syrian pound has brought a smile to the faces of a lot of Syrian people in all provinces as there have been hikes in prices of staple diet products because of the drop of the Syrian pound to more than 1000 to dollar on black market.

This initiative won’t improve the economic situation in the country but it is likely to have positive effects at social level, according to economists.

Dr. Aysar Midani ,  chairperson of NOSTIA [Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad] and chairs the ‘Ahfad Ashtar’ Institute, told Syria Times e-newspaper: “I cried tears of joy when I read what was circulated about ‘Our Lira is our pride’ initiative. My heart swelled with pride because of people’s solidarity to face the current predicament.”

“Help Them Right” Anti-Begging Campaign in Lattakia

Begging is a negative phenomenon. It is not a profession  and it  does no good for society but creates a burden for society and obstructs social and national development. There are vagrancy laws that make begging by the able-bodied a punishable crime.

The Directorate of  Labor and Social Affairs  in Lattakia has recently  launched in cooperation with Lattakia’s police   an  anti-begging  campaign   to combat the menace of begging .