Flower Arrangement Exhibition in Aleppo in honor of army martyrs

Honoring the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army and highlighting their noble sacrifices which led to the great victory of Aleppo, the Sheraton Hotel in Aleppo recently hosted a celebration marking the International Day for Flower Arrangement. A number of companies specialize in wedding occasions and flower arrangements participated in the event.

Aleppo-based Al-Jamaheer newspaper quoted Eng. Na'ela Shahoud, Director of Aleppo Tourism as saying: “The exhibition delivers a message of joy, love and peace, because Aleppo deserves life,” noting the promotional plan for post-victory era in Aleppo that aims at reviving tourism depending on a tourism promotion campaign for the most prominent tourism investment projects in the governorate.

"Yasminat El-Sham", A Volunteer Project Designed to Support the Wounded

 Homs,(ST)-The wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army and other war casualties prove every day that despite their injuries they are able to give and excel for the sake of their country and their children and they insist on contributing to the reconstruction and development of their homeland. Their wounds narrate a story of steadfastness, will, challenge, and success.

To help those wounded persons attain their dreams, "Yasminat  El-Sham" Center for Media and Advertising Services was recently inaugurated in Al-Zahraa neighborhood of Homs Governorate under the slogan "Trust, Development, Hope". The center is the first experience of its kind in Syria that seeks supporting and rehabilitating the wounded and providing them with practical experience that qualifies them to enter the labor market.

"A million love trees for Syria" reforestation campaign aims at enhancing green cover, restoring the beauty of the homeland

"Majd", (Glory), a team of young volunteers, whose love for their country has brought them together, launched on Saturday the first phase of their “Million Love Trees for Syria” initiative by planting about 1500 trees along Damascus International Airport road as a first stage.

The initiative, which will continue until the end of next April, will involve a number of governorates

Director of the forestry at the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Dr. Hassan Faris, explained in a statement to SANA that the ministry’s role in the campaign was represented in selecting the reforestation areas included in the agricultural plan for this year, securing saplings, digging holes and participating in planting the trees. He pointed out that the team will plant forest trees, such as "olives, tannins, acacia, daflah and kazwarina", which will be provided free of charge from the Ministry of Agriculture, in an area of 50 hectares, extending from the airport road- the fifth bridge- towards the airport.

Mays El-Jindy stimulates children's imagination through her small project

Mays El-jindy, a young Syrian woman, has launched a qualitative project under the title "Dream Book" that specializes in designing and making dolls through interactive educational methods in order to create a childish world that stimulates the imagination of children and expands their awareness based on the latest learning methods.

El-jindy was fond of the arts of painting on glass, crochet, handicrafts and sewing. Since her childhood, she had the support of her father, who was keen that his daughter possesses up-to-date kinds of colors, drawing tools and materials that her handwork needs. It is the love that grew up with her and accompanied her until she got married and started making dolls for her daughter, which formed the spark of her artistic project.

"Our Wounds Are Fruitful”.. an initiative by wounded pilot Ali Mohsen for planting 5,000 saplings

With a single leg and a strong will and determination to challenge his disability, wounded Pilot, Capt. Ali Mohsen Ali, has launched an initiative under the title “Syria Becomes Beautiful with its Trees, Our Wounds Are Fruitful” for planting 5,000 saplings .

The initiative, which aims to revive the forest and lands that were subjected to unfair burning in several provinces, and to raise awareness of citizens on the importance of restoring vegetation, is just a message of love and loyalty to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed to defend the homeland.

A Syrian doctoral student wins second place in the Russian Language Olympiad

Reem Jawdat Salman, "a young Syrian graduate student", recently won the second place in the Russian Language Olympiad for foreign students studying in Russia, during the final competition that took place at San Petersburg University.The participants were  7199 male and female students , 500 of them moved to the final stage with a high competition between participants from 131 countries around the world.

Salman's excellence did not come out of the blue, as during her university studies, she obtained annually  al-Bassel certificate for academic excellence and in the summer of the third year she obtained a mission to Tanta University in Egypt as part of a training and recreational program during which she managed to obtain three certificates from the Presidency of Tanta University and from the University's Faculty of Arts.

Syrian Caricaturist Raed Khalil wins prize in Macedonia International Cartoon Festival

Syrian Caricaturist Raed Khalil won an appreciation prize in the Fifth Macedonia International Cartoon Festival which focused on the traditions of marriage in the world.

A number of international caricaturists took part in this event.

Khalil’s winning cartoon highlighted the reaction to the masculinity complex in some societies in a comic and an exaggerated way.