Technical and Vocational Education Backs National Economy, Facilitates Youths' Access to Labor Market

 Technical and vocational education in Syria has been given special attention by the Syrian government due to its close link to labor market and important role in supporting national economy.

Within this framework, the central annual exhibition for vocational and technical education was recently held in Lattakia province to present the innovations and works of the students of all vocational and technical education schools and institutes in Lattkia and its countryside. 

To shed light on the exhibition and the importance of vocational and technical education,  "Syriatimes" e-newspaper interviewed Deputy Director of Education for Vocational and Technical Education in Lattakia, Eng. Na’ema Hamood, the direct supervisor of the three-day exhibition which was held under the title “Souria Arous Al-Majd” (Syria is the pride of glory).

Syrian Family Planning Association in Lattakia

The Syrian Family Planning Association (SFPA) in Lattakia province is a leading civil voluntary agency playing a pivotal role in promoting awareness about family planning, improving the Syrian family’s conditions in all the Syrian provinces and deepening the family planning concept as one of the basic rights of human beings, according to Ghayath Zaybok, the SFPA Executive Director.

It spares no effort to encourage scientific research and studies on reproductive health plus family planning and to carry out training  courses, symposiums and workshops on these topics, Zaybok told Syriatimes e-newspaper, affirming the importance of voluntary work and cooperation by all categories of the Syrian society to face the challenges produced by the ongoing crisis in Syria particularly relating to population issues and family planning.

Foreign-Backed Terror War on Syria Fails to Undermine Syrian Women’s Steadfastness

Despite all attempts by conspirators against Syria to distort the image of Syrian women and to weaken them during the ongoing terror war, which is entering its eight year on March 15, women in Syria have proved to the whole world that they are able to be real and active partners in fighting terrorism and rebuilding the country.

The Syrian women have made significant contributions to building institutions during the times of peace and war. They are the bearers of knowledge and human resources management , Minister of administrative Development Dr. Salam Saffaf said during a speech she delivered during a celebration held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD).

Al-Dwair Makeshift Center Ready to Receive Civilians Fleeing Ghouta

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE– Minister of Health Nizar Yazji and Minister of Social Affairs Rima al-Qadri inspected on Sunday the makeshift center which is prepared to receive civilians fleeing Ghouta through the safe corridor of al-Wafdeen Camp in Damascus Countryside.

According to SANA, al-Dwair makeshift center is fully equipped to meet all the needs of the civilians escaping from Ghouta, Minister of Health said, adding that the center has been provided with vaccines and various medicines in addition to a medical team providing its services to all residents of Al-Dwair, and it is also ready to receive civilians of Ghouta at the safe corridor and move them to the center and provide them with all necessary needs and accommodation requirements.

Martyrs' Families: Martyrdom a Bridge to Victory

In appreciation of the heroic achievements and great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in defense of the homeland against takfiri terrorism, the "Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer" Group in Lattakia province recently held a ceremony to honor some Syrian army martyrs' families and wounded army personnel.

Highlighting the event, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed some of the participants who all stressed the importance of backing the hero Syrian Arab army, the protector of the homeland, by working on ground to provide moral and material support for the wounded soldiers and the martyrs' families as well as for the families affected by the terrorism of the takfiri armed gangs.