Syrian teacher Nagham Ali wins “Global Teacher Prize 2020” for her distinguished teaching skills

The International “Alert Knowledge Services” organization has announced that Syrian teacher Nagham Ali, from “Martyr Ahmad al-Shanbour School” in Tartous, has won the Global Teacher Prize for the Year 2020 and that she will be honored within an online ceremony on December 20.

In a statement to SANA, Nagham Ali said that she has been in contact with the organization since last November to provide it with online lessons showing innovative teaching methods. She pointed out that the organization is responsible for enhancing the efforts of teachers and rewarding them over making any positive change in their community. She added that all the lessons she presented have been subjected to international assessment not only in the field of singing but also in mathematics, noting that she also introduced her other skills, as she is a teacher as well as trainer in the developed curricula.

According to Ali, she won the prize thanks to her students who interacted with her and to the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Education in Tartous and her school administration, which all provided her with necessary facilities and cooperated with her to present a distinguished performance in accordance with the organization’s standards. She noted that her greatest joy is to raise the Syrian flag at international forums.

Joan Torres tour to Syria 2019

From Eritrea to Sudan, Syria, and Pakistan, Joan Torres has been traveling to some of the most off the beaten track destinations on Earth since 2014. He is also the author of Against the Compass, an alternative travel blog, quite different from the rest, which aims at helping and inspiring you to do the same, always in a responsible way, with no rush, showing you the human side of the story and, above all, in a safe manner. It is noteworthy to mention that all the pictures accompanying my article are from Torres' Blog. 

In his personal travel blog Torres recites his adventures in Syria. The country had been in his plans for a very long time and finallyas it started to be easier for travelers come, he made the step. He spent one week there traveling independently and visited Damascus, Homs, and Aleppo. Torres recounts "It was an amazing experience, very enriching, as I met loads of Syrians who told me their side of the story, plus I got to visit ancient, marvelous sites that were a real blessing to my eyes."

Torres says a lot of peoples have been lately asking him: why they should visit Syria, and why he did? He clarifies that he has numerous reasons. First of all, in the last couple of years, he has been traveling all across the Middle East, so visiting Syria, one of the most fascinating countries in the region, had been in his travel plans for a very long time. Another even more important reason is that "Syria is a great country, home to one of the oldest civilizations ever, so visiting Syria from a tourism perspective is a must-do". Torres added. 

However, most people asking that question tend to refer more to the ethical aspect of traveling to Syria, as this is a war zone from where many people have been forced to escape in order to save their lives. Concerning that point Torres clearly states that "Well, I want you to know that I fully understand why someone would not want to visit a post-war zone because, truth be told, destroyed buildings and misery are not pleasant things to see. Nevertheless, the first thing you need to know is that I travel to learn and become wiser and, yes, I am interested in visiting a post-war zone, because this is living history and I wanted to see it with my own eyes, and not through a biased newspaper."

He believes as well that traveling to Syria with the sole objective of empathizing with the locals is a good thing, "as long as you are absolutely respectful about the crisis, there is nothing wrong with he puts it.

Colors of Syria Bazaar to support children with Downs syndrome

Handicrafts, accessories, clothes and various things were displayed at the " Colors of Syria"  bazaar,  which was recently held for 3 days at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus..

The revenues of the products that were made by 130 handicraft men and women and displayed in the three-day event will help support the "Sosiet Project for Children with Down Syndrome" at the Juthoor Association.

Russian humanitarian mission visits a nursery and a church in Damascus

Damascus (ST): In parallel with  holding the international conference on the refugees' return, the Russian humanitarian mission paid a visit to the March 8 Nursery  in al-Qusoor area and presented school bags, gifts and toys to children.

Director of the mission Sergey Shiftshok said that the mission has been offering humanitarian aid since 2015 targeting the displaced and school students, noting that during today's visit, the mission presented school bags and toys that develop the intellectual abilities of the students in addition to meals for 120 students.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of his passing...Mustafa Al-Akkad is a creative talent and martyr

Damascus, (ST)- In honor of the Syrian international cinematic creator and director Mustafa Al-Akkad, the Arab Cultural Center in Al-Adawi, in cooperation with the General Film Organization, held an event celebrating his artistic career and cinematic achievements on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his passing away.

The event included a symposium entitled (Mustafa Al-Akkad, creator and martyr) with a documentary film by the director and film critic, Awad Al-Qadro. The film dealt with the life of the late Akkad ,narrated with the voice of the brilliant artist, Mona Wasef, starting from his birth in 1930 in Aleppo, his primary and secondary education, and his interest in cinema. The film also focused on his travel to the United States to study the seventh art, his work in Hollywood and his film "The Message", in its Arabic and English versions, and the wide fame that it achieved. In addition to the film "Omar Al-Mukhtar", for which Mustafa Al-Akkad chose a foreign actor to portray the hero, with the aim of convincing the Western viewer of the justice of our cases, leading to his latest film project on Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, but he was martyred before he completed it.

Syrian author, Dr. Al-Muthanna Al-Saleh launches his new book “Think Twice“

"Think Twice" book is about leadership dynamics and employee turnover in organizations, specifically in the tourism and hospitality industry.

This book examines employee resignation, why managers struggle, what problems play a big role, and what makes good leaders.

The book also contains the procedures followed in the tourism facilities to confront the Corona epidemic, and then puts forward visions for the preparation for the post-pandemic phase.

The book is based on accurate scientific research and numerous interviews that include managers, employees and a group of decision-makers in the tourism field.

It’s to be mentioned that Dr. Al-Muthanna is a Lecturer and university teacher, and he developed curricula in the Syrian Tourism Faculties.

Martyr Ibrahim Naama Hospital Rehabilitation

The National Hospital of the Martyr Dr. IbrahimNaama in  Jableh has witnessed maintenance and rehabilitation works in a number of departments and offices. Dr. Qusay al-Khalil, Director of the hospital, stated that a team from the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development in Lattakia maintained and rehabilitated a number of departments and offices in the hospital.Maintenance works included departments of:esoteric, obstetrics,radiology and surgery; in addition to a children's wing, residents' ward, administrative unit, pharmacy and quality office on the third floor.

Dr. AL-Khalil  said that the renewing works comprise beautifying the hospital facade, installing new ceilings with lighting, in addition to implementing works within the paramedic department.

It is reported that Jableh Hospital has returned to work in its outpatient clinics, laboratory, radiology unit and operation rooms, taking into account the adherence to all precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus.

Lama Razouk