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A new social series on a family living under the effects of war on Syria

The new Syrian social series “Hawaziq Vase of Ghorba” is a new drama that is currently being filmed in the city of Damascus with the participation of an elite group of actors in Syria. The new TV series was written by Ziad Sari and directed by Rashad Kokash.

The events of the series, produced by Apamea Art Production, deal with the story of a family forced by terrorist war on Syria and economic conditions to rent a hotel called "Ghorba Vase".


In the presence of a large group of young and prominent stars, the TV series was introduced  at “ Ornina” hotel in Old Damascus .

Director Kokash explained in a statement to SANA that the series , which consists of 30 episodes, is distinguished by its presentation of human issues that we see daily in our lives and represents the real situation after the war.

Kokash expressed his admiration for the work team and this family which hosted an old man who has left his country and returned back alone to search for his son.

Regarding the title of the series , the director explained that Hawaziq refers to a health condition that affects humans, which is hiccups, and it can generate funny or annoying reactions.

The main roles in the work are starred by Salma Al-Masry, Wael Ramadan , Osama Al-Romani, Suzan Najm Eddin , Amal Arafa, Shukran Murtaja and Ayman Reda.

Rawaa Ghanam